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    Macro Jump to other Public Functions which are not called

    Hello Experts Here is the situation. I have an excel file which already have bunch of macros including some Public Functions which are real Pain. I am using this excel to build a tool which gives output in an automated way. To do so, I added few worksheets to get user inputs and calculation...
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    Slicer Data Extraction, Public Function

    Hi Guys, Re Slicer Data Extraction I use the below Public Function, followed by the formula "=GetSelectedSlicerItems([@Description])". This works exactly as required, however every time I run other Macros, it loops through the Public Function constantly, slowing the Macro down. A; Is there an...
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    Sum of Sumif across multiple sheets using VBA

    Hi, I'm trying to do a sum of sumif across multiple sheets, with an index match on the sum range. This is the formula I have to do the sumif on one sheet, so I would like a sum of these (which would be on all but 3 of the sheets in the workbook: =SUMIF('To be paid on...
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    How to use a public function in a similar way as worksheetfunction in VBA?

    I’m writing a very large VBA macro to analyze data from multiple worksheets. All my functions are used in the following form (example): ReDim TotVAKWNAArray(1 To 5) For bCount = 1 To 5 TotVAKWNAArray(bCount) = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIfs(Range("D:D"), VAKW, Range("AW:AW")...
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    Public Const

    Hello, I want to create some kind of database in VBA to keep some codes and their names. because I'm working with a report that only has the codes and I just need names, so I was thinking in some kind of vlookup or something like that to bring back the code name. Also, I need this kind of...
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    Public Function to pull query

    Can anyone help me with the following code, I am trying to write a Function that will execute a query and show the results. This is as far as I have been able to get with my limited knowledge, any help will be greatly appreciated... In case you are wondering, I have verified that the connection...

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