1. B

    Publish Power Query Connection for Use By Other Workbooks

    Hello-I have a series of power queries that culminate in a large dataset of more than 1 million records. I would like to publish access to the power query as a connection, rather than as a workbook table given it’s large size and growing. In a nutshell, I’d like to allow access to the power...
  2. R

    Unable to publish tablein Outlook

    Hi All, I am getting publish error (.Publish (True))in below code in Clinet enviornment, However it working fine on my system. Even if i am trying to creating a HTML page manually, it is showing as "Page can't be displayed". Can anyone suggest here what setting needs to change for fix this...
  3. K

    Publish interactive excel file online, locked cells and disable download

    Hi, How can I have a working spreadsheet online that a 3rd party can enter values into unlocked cells, but not be able to download a copy of the file? It looks like Excel Online always has a 'Save as' or 'Download a copy' option. Is there a way to publish it on a web page that works? Thanks
  4. P

    Error 1004 Document not saved one user only; macro to publish as .pdf Excel 2016

    I have a macro that publishes a file to a Sharepoint folder from within an Excel document. One user out of 5 is having an issue where it gets to the end of the publishing status bar and suddenly it goes bonkers with "1004 document not saved". This person has a slightly later version of Excel...
  5. S

    How to bring number that are relevant only

    Hi All, I need to fill this 3rd party template and is there a way i could bring only the required in for. For eg: i have 200 product codes in a separate excel sheet and i only need to bring 100 product codes to the template. in the original 200 list i have column say whether to publish or not...
  6. B

    Macro to add name to another sheet

    I have the following code that I need to modify. Certain members do not want their address and phone published in our annual directories - they want to be excluded. I have a do not publish sheet which will prevent their personnel information from being printed. what I would like to do is have...
  7. caringsharingbristolbilly

    PDF no longer fitting on page in Access 2016

    Hi all, Long time no see, how is everyone? :) I've just updated to Access 2016, and one of my reports is no longer publishing to PDF correctly. Everything looks like it has rendered OK, but is too large, and so the text is overrunning and getting cut off on the right hand side of the page...
  8. M

    Interactive publish of excel

    Hello, I recently made a Excel workbook which contains some drop-down menus (from data validation) and some inputs, and then which outputs other information. I hope to upload the workbook to the web but it loses its interactivity (choosing from menus/typing) after uploading. Would there be...
  9. S

    Repeating Excel Crash when Publishing to Web Page

    When I first publish to a web page in Excel it publishes fine, I can add to the web page, and I can update the data and it will republish fine. Then one time after it saves and is about to republish, it will crash. Every time after that first crash it will crash when trying to publish. I can...
  10. L

    function continually reclaculates (when in xlCalculationManual)

    Hi all, I'm using windows XP, excel 2007. I've written a function (VBA below). This function (to publish the HTML of a range) works nicely when called by a macro. However I'm also trying to make it work in am excel cell. When I've got manual calculation the formula continually recalculates...
  11. T

    Excel and Publisher

    I am reaching here, hoping for a lifeline. Is it possible to use Excel 07 VBA to automate publishing to a website of a publisher document? -Thanks in advance! -Tex
  12. A

    Saving PDF Problem

    I am using the following line of code to save a document as a PDF: ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:= _ "C:\Documents and Settings\" & Application.UserName & "\Local Settings\Temp\QAM-Report.pdf", Quality:=xlQualityMinimum, _ IncludeDocProperties:=True...
  13. C

    Publishing Excel sheets with drill-down interactivity

    I have a spreadsheet that uses row groups (only 2 levels) to drill down to detail information. I wish to publish the sheet to HTML so that users can click the +/- buttons to drill down to the info within the web page. When I publish the sheet to HTML, the groups do not carry through to the...

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