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    VBA Employee Time Punch

    Hi all, I am trying to develop a time punch userform where my people only need to click the buttons to log in and out. And I want to track it daily. My work is in progress. Please see attached 3 sheets. And now I am so stuck...
  2. M

    Time Sheet Calculation - Adding a Condition

    I have a spreadsheet that I use to track punch in/out as a work time sheet Entries from B9 through E9 are my clock in/outs (Format is 8:00 that equals punch in at 8am) In Cell F9 I have the following formula =IF(COUNTBLANK(B9:E9)=0,(C9-B9)+(E9-D9),"") The F9 formula tallies up B9-E9 and gives me...
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    Formula to format Time Punch

    Hi, I am trying to re-format a time punch into a new date column using a formula. Currently there is a date column in the following format: <tbody> 01/01/17 </tbody> There is another column in the sheet with the clock in times which does not have the date in the proper format (example of...
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    Time Card

    Hi All I am looking to create a excel time clock so that employees and clock in and out of work and break, so I know you can press ctrl+shift+; to enter current time but I am not sure how to record that as a macro. I also try using the now() function and have a macro copy and paste only the...

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