1. N

    Excel Average If for two different sheets

    Hello, I have a workbook with two sheets, "Items" & "Purchases" I have two userforms also, "frmNewItem" & "frmPurchases" In "frmNewItem" I have several textboxes to add the item details to sheet "Items" (one of these boxes is "OpenCost" that added in column "K") In "frmPurchases" I have...
  2. F

    Convert a foormula to a value in a macro.

    I've been researching thisbut none of the answers I found seemed to make sense in what I am doing. I have the following code: ' find last row findlastrow = Cells.Find(What:="*", SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, SearchOrder:=xlByRows).Row lastrow = findlastrow lastrow = lastrow - 1 ' set...
  3. A

    Power Query added column - Value.Divide(Value.Add( )) returns all null values

    Hi all, When I create a calculated field in Microsoft Power Query feature ("Get and Transform" since Excel 2016) I use a combination two simple formulae: Value.Divide() and Value.Add(). For some reason, this does not work and all I get is null values. Here is the series of steps that I...
  4. M

    "Investment Formula"

    Dear All, Good day/night. I have a tabulate consisting of the following inputs: Beg. Value(A1) Purchases(B1) Sales(C1) End. Value(D1) Formula(E1)=If(.... I'd like to create a formula to be able to divide the (Ending value/Beg. value) -1, but with slight adjustment. I'll explain...
  5. B

    SUMIFS question

    I have a very simple question regarding the SUMIFS function. I've created a spreadsheet containing all of my store purchases at a local store. Examples of categories are groceries and apparel. I want to sum up all the grocery purchases in June, July, August etc... Here is my worksheet. In...
  6. J

    Finding Fraction of 2 calculated fields in Pivot Table

    I have a table which summaries a list of purchases made by customers. In this table it has 3 columns, the customer ID, their max budget and the purchase amount. I wish to make a pivot table which shows compiles the sum of purchases for each customer and the % of their budget used. I had no...
  7. P

    Justify data in right columns

    Hi all, i would like to create a VBA so that to adjust the below data in right columns and entering headings too as my below extract. In sch.1. are the data which the columns are mixed and in sch.2. is the expected result. I would be greatly appreciated any help. Thanks in advance Sch.1...
  8. I

    highlighting of cells that do not fit certain parameters

    I can not remember the "name" of this feature to look it up in the book. I've got a bunch of gas receipts that I'm auditing and I want to highlight purchases on weekends and outside of work hours. What formula can i use to quickly highlight these kinds of purchases? I'm having a hard time...
  9. S

    applying categories to bank transactions

    Windows XP, Excel 2007 Okay, Column A is filled with bank transaction descriptions like: 123456789 ACCOUNT WITHDRAWL CHECK CARD 1234 GOODY'S CLOTHING CHECK CARD 5678 APPLEBEES RESTAURANT 123456789876 SOU WAL-MART 092834750298 SOU JCPENNYS STORE 20938209837 ... AND SO ON Column B is the...

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