1. R

    Invalid qualifier

    Hi All I have set Bcode as String, and have created this string by concatenating the contents of 3 separate cells interspersed with "/". I now need to copy this string to another sheet but the code fails on the second use of BCode with the message "invalid qualifier" I am clearly doing...
  2. 3

    Invalid Qualifier

    Hi, I have the following code. However, it would not run - I got the following error message: Compile Error: Invalid qualifier. Wonder if someone could point what the error is. Thank you! Sub update_MTD() Dim minus_day As Integer, sessionDate As String, current_Month As Integer...
  3. A

    Rearranging Data in Excel

    Hi, all. I have a table where I need to rearrange the data. The below is a small sample size. The real table is about 100 rows and 700 columns. The first table is what it looks like now, and the second table is what I'd like it to look like. Is there an easy way to do this. I tried pivot tables...
  4. davewatson86

    sum--Frequency help

    hi all i have this formula: =SUM(--(FREQUENCY('1'!$B$7:$B$500,'1'!$B$7:$B$500)>0)) which gives me the total amount of invoice numbers in the desired range. how can i tell it to only total the unique invoice numbers in the desired range that have a certain value in column L of that row i.e...
  5. rjplante

    Invalid qualifier error

    I have the code posted below and when it runs, it flags with and Invalid Qualifier error. I don't know why it is doing so. It highlights the title of the macro in yellow, and has the Ftr in the With statement also highlighted selected. Any ideas would be great. Thanks, Robert Private Sub...
  6. C

    VBA code needed to copy and paste a row based on a cell reference from another sheet

    I've been trying to write VBA code to copy and paste an entire row's data to a new sheet if a criteria is met. My data is on the "Job Log" sheet and starts in row 5 (row 4 is headers). The criteria selection is on B1 of "Scheduled Capacity Graph" sheet. Basically, each job on the "Job Log"...
  7. H

    cell qualifier if statement

    G'day, I normally use a cell qualifier =if(a3,"yes",2) this is simplified, usually the "yes" component will be a function, the purpose of this is to tidy up the display, only if data exists in cell a3 will the cell display the result of a function, this removes the unsightly column of "0" in a...
  8. N

    Compile Error: Invalid qualifier

    My code is : Sub Calculating() Dim header As String With header.Range("A1") = "Name" .Cells(1, "B") = "Class" .Cells(1, "C") = "Subject" .Cells(1, "D") = Range("d1") = "Marks Secured" The above code is causing to throw error as...
  9. D

    Sales Bonus Formula Help

    Hey Guys, I'm stuck and need some help. I need a formula to calculate a sales Bonus Here's the Pay plan & Qualifier: 14 UNITS = $500 BONUS*<o:p></o:p> 18 UNITS = $750 BONUS*<o:p></o:p> 20 UNITS = $1,000 BONUS*<o:p></o:p> 22 UNITS = $1,250 BONUS*<o:p></o:p> 25 UNITS = $1,500...
  10. D

    Calculating Cells That Qualifiy A Conditional Formatting Rule

    <tbody> A B C D E 1 21% 20% 2 14% 3 31% 4 7% 5 12% </tbody> I'd like to create a formula in cell (E1) that will sum all cells that qualify a conditional formatting rule. For Example: If the conditional formatting rule says A1>=$D$1 (than fill green). This would...
  11. M

    Calling Analysis ToolPak From VBA 2003 & 2007

    I know there have been threads on this, but I have not found any that comprehensively compare and reconcile practices for Excel 2003 and 2007. What I think I have found is: In 2003, I can call eomonth and workday, for example functions, either unqualified, or qualified with [atpvbaen.xls]. In...
  12. T

    Finding functions with missing qualifiers

    Hi, I need to scavenge all the functions like Index or Match that have an auto-filled qualifier (like a column or a row) on a pretty massive excel sheet. As in Excel the qualifiers are "guessed" by software and do not give any issue, the transposition into Xcelsius results patchy if not...

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