query criteria

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    Add next number based on previous record SET

    Form called Input Allotments that shows the current funds of one Description_location. Subform that shows all the records associated with the Description_Location: master_data_auto_fiscal_year_subform based on a Query. Query: Master_Data_auto_fiscal_year it has all the fields from the...
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    Counting text in multiple columns together

    Hi, I want to count a specific text in a column and also want to do this for multiple columns (6 columns in a single table). Need help. I am only able to do it one column at a time. Sample Table: <tbody> Month Text Week Ending Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Dec'18...
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    Deleting Records In One Table Based on Query Results From Another

    Hello All, I am hoping someone can guide me in the right direction. I am trying to delete records in one table based on query results from another table. I have two tables of interest: For clarity, call them Tbl A and Tbl B. Tbl B is entirely a subset of Tbl A with certain fields included...
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    Using query results as criteria in another query

    Hello, I'm a fairly inexperienced Access user and am attempting to sum up a column from a table using the results of another query as criteria. More specifically I created a query that returns two dates for each group ID from a certain block of group ID's. I want to create a query that sums...
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    The MS Access DB engine does not recognize '' as a valid field name or expression.

    I have a form with tabs for different dates. I have a text box that updates as users click on different tabs so that I can present the user with their schedule for that day. The field that updates with the tab dates is txtTab. It's on my Self-Service form. Here's an example of how it updates...

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