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    Having Query display all values.

    I am trying to set up a query for reporting purposes. I have a table with activity codes that has two fields [FieldA] and [FieldB] which are linked to one other table each that has rates associated with [FieldA] or [FieldB]. I ran a query by just pulling in the table with activity codes and it...
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    Web Query Macro-Difficult

    Hello, I found a nice Statistics site I would like to use for my Fantasy Football league. It has all the stats for each week and position selectable from a drop down menu on the webpage. I recorded and altered a macro that will run through the numbers 1-16 for the weeks of play. I then...
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    formula corrupted by query resultset changing

    i have a worksheet tied to a TFS query to retrieve work items from that system. The results of which are displayed in $B:$D. In column A I need to have a formula that examines column D and potentially massages the data - something like...
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    Total newb question about forms

    I have a simple form with a single button on it that will run a query based on user input. Instead of that input returning the spreadsheet-type query results, how can I have the results display in text boxes on the same form?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

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