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    Help with power query

    Hello, New to the forum. I'm having issues with query updates. I've created a query and moved things around a bit, added new columns and rows for totals and titles but now if I update the query it erases all of the changes and formatting I made outside of the query and just displays the...
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    Excel Connection SQL Server - multiple query updates

    I have a workbook with a bunch of different SQL queries that I'm trying to update simultaneously. All the queries are very similar I just need to change a number in 12 different ones. I’ve been going in to each one through Connections>properties>definition>commandtext<o:p></o:p> Rather than...
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    Update query criteria code using variables

    My spreadsheet contains a query from an Access database. I recorded a macro to edit the query's criteria. The code is copied below. This works fine whilst the criteria are hard coded into the macro. However, I want the criteria to come from variables (via inputboxes or userform) so that the user...
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    update query doesn't update

    When I run this query, access pulls over 385 records: select * from dbo_MenuItem WHERE dbo_MenuItem.Primary_Vendor=18 AND dbo_MenuItem.Price_6=0.53 AND dbo_MenuItem.PLU Like "b%" AND dbo_MenuItem.Price=0.59; But, when I run this query, it says it will update 0 records update dbo_MenuItem...

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