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    Creating macro with question & answer function that updates sheet.

    Need to create a macro that shows a menu to select from, which redirects you to a fill-in question box, the answer entered updates a cell in the workbook. If someone could get me started I’d greatly appreciate it.
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    Question Box

    Hi guys, Need some help. I need some VBA to create a pop up question box that will ask you a question with a part to input your answer and this then feeds in to a specific cell on the sheet (which will be referenced by the name manager) Example would be: What is your name? You reply...
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    Excel Question Window

    Not sure if anything like this can be done but here's the info.... Each cell in Column E has a scroll-down menu w/ several options. When the last option, "Complete", is selected I want the user to be asked "by whom" and to select a name to be put into the corresponding cell in Column F. So...
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    VBA stops to ask a question

    I'm running a macro which opens up a list of workbooks one at time, updates all links, calculates, saves & closes. Each workbook has a number of links and for one of the links in each workbook a popup appears saying that the workbook wasn't recalculated before save. It then waits for me to hit...

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