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    Application.GetOpenFilename error

    I'm having new problem with a macro that I have been using for several years. The macro allows me to import data from a prior year spreadsheet into the current version of the spreadsheet form. The problem is intermittent and only seems to occur in specific folders on my laptop. MyFile =...
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    Error Khmer Font with Active X ComboBox Excel

    I created one combo box in my excel for search my customer name with Khmer Language. While i type Khmer inside they show up with Chinese Verb(as show in picture below). But when i type Khmer outside of ComboBox, it working probably. and i copy it into still ok while the combobox still...
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    Can VBA find a "?" in a row?

    I'm trying to find any cells in my table that have the entry "???" but sadly VBA is just reading the ?s as wildcards. Is there any way to make it specifically find the characters? Thank you!
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    Conditional Format "?"

    Tried to make the conditional format =COUNTIF(AG2:AG1418,"?") Of course the issue is that it adds up not only ?'s but also Y or N (the other two possible cell entries) How can I make it just count the ?'s?

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