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    Strings in formulas for cell references

    I am trying to make the following work in Excel, not VBA. =INDEX('[&A2&.xlsm]&B2&'!$B:$G,5,1) I know I am missing string quotations, but am unsure what else is missing. Does anyone have any input here?
  2. E

    extract text between quotations

    Hi excel gurus, Would it be possible to extract the values between quotations? <tbody> identifier="key" key="Maximal-Leistung" name="Maximal-Leistung" </tbody> so that the output shows the Key value i.e. Maximal-Leistung Please can someone help :confused:
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    Text to columns , using any letter

    HI I have a file to import, which contains a number of columns, one of which is a text field containing a varying number of words and field length. Is there a way via Text to columns functionality or via VBA where i can look for the end of the text and put the break in there? Example below...
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    Copy and paste from column without quotations on carriage return.

    I have several textboxes with buttons that populate several cells in a single column and then copies that column so that I can then paste the contents into a seperate company data entry program that is web based. I have enabled the enter key (for carriage returns) in the textboxes so that...
  5. C

    Excel changing " to two ' by itself.

    Basically whenever I enter " (quotation 1 symbol) and follow it by a Cyrillic text, Excel automatically changes it to two apostrophes ('' 2 symbols) and my formulas start trowing up errors. It also happens when I edit only the text of a previously working formula, as demonstrated in this short...

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