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    Quote Workbook Help

    Hi All, I am new here so if I ask a question that has been posted before please feel free to point me in the right direction. I have reached a point in my workbook where I am going to be needing some serious help, non of this google searching, saying that it has lead me here many a time and I...
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    Excel Validation rule to prevent cell from going below a certain percentage based on value of another cell.

    Hello! I'm trying to create a quote template in Excel. The issue happens when sales wants to give a discount, but then give too big of a discount on the price. To solve this issue we've duplicated the price in another hidden cell and reference that cell in the validation rule. The idea is...
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    Any help on combining items for a quote form?

    Hello all, As a long time reader, thanks for all the help - there is such a wealth of helpful knowledge here! I am tasked with tweaking a quote form for electrical fixtures which include lamps (bulbs). On the top of the quote, I have the fixtures, fixture types, prices, etc. At the bottom, I...

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