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    Calculating the volume liquid in part of a cylinder

    Hi New here so was wondering if anyone can help me with a formula I have now had to start using regularly. It's a bit beyond my excel capabilities. It is for calculating the volume liquid in part of a cylinder lying on its side Where R is the cylinder radius D is the depth of liquid L is the...
  2. Y

    Converting Measurements in Radians

    Okay. Here's a stumper (for me at least it is). I need to convert the following into radians: 65 feet/1 second * 12 inches/1 foot * 1 Radian/8 inches I know the answer which should be 97.5 radians. It's just getting the right formula in Excel.
  3. S

    Determine Target Distance Given Depression Angle and Altitude

    Ok, I'm not a programmer and my excel skills are stretched to the max at this point. Problem I am in an aircraft with a camera, on a gimbal. I know my altitude, I know my depression angle of my camera, should be simple enough to find my distance. Unfortunately I have no idea how to...
  4. M

    Working with DEGREES, RADIANS and compass headings ...

    I'm in a bit of a jam. I'm trying to figure out an Excel spreadsheet problem using RADIANS and DEGREES and just can't seem to figure it out. This has to do with ship (maritime) navigation. Here's the problem: I want to input any given course within the 360° of a circle and output the...

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