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    Excel 2016 VBA Option button or radio button VBA code.

    Hi, I have a very simple userform which I made to transfer data from form to the sheet. I managed to set up and have everything working apart from the radio buttons. Their functionality is not working. I want to achieve the purpose of the userform but radio buttons are doing my head in, to be...
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    UserForm Validating Radio Buttons Are Clicked

    Hi All, I have a UserForm with 16 Radio Buttons (8 groups of "Yes" Or "No"). (They Are Named OptionButton1,2,3,4,5,etc.) I have a submit button - CommandButton1 I am trying to disable the "Submit" button until at least one button from each of the 8 groups are clicked. If each group has a...
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    Selecting Radio Buttons using a Macro

    Hello, I created two radio buttons on a spreadsheet where a user can select one button for Yes and the other for No. When I right click these buttons, I notice the names (shown on the left hand side of the formula bar) are: Option Button 3 (for No) Option Button 4 (for Yes) I'd like to create...
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    Searching Data in a Combo Box and Update Underlying Data in another sheet.

    Hello All I currently have a combo box using the following code: Sub DropDown4_Change() Dim LProject_Ref As Integer Dim Lstair_Planned_Date_1 As String Dim Lstair_Planned_Date_2 As String Dim Lstair_PLanned_Date_3 As String Dim Lstair_Planned_Date_4 As String Dim...

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