random no generation

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    Random Number

    Can a cell be triggered to 'generate' RANDOM NUMBER between 1 to 10 if a certain criteria is met else no random number should be generated. A1=RANDBETWEEN(1,10) Now if B1=100 then A1 should generate RANDOM NUMBER between 1 to 10 & for B1<>100 A1=null. Using Excel2007
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    fix random values

    help me, if i have a value in A1 cell, want to add random value to A1 in B1 cell(B1=A1+rand()*8) but whenever i click other cell or open the file B1 value changes eventho A1 value is fixed. is there any way to do,when i changes A1 value then only B1 value should change.
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    Random nos generation for a specific total

    Hi i want to generate sales amount randomly for an year Data : Max Value 500 Min Value 100 Total rows 12 Sum should be 1000 I have used D1 =ROUND(RAND()*($B$1-$B$2)+$B$2) and got datas from D1 to D12 I need the sum of D1 to D2 as 1000 Please help.... Thanks in Advance

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