1. L

    Pick random city names from each risk category in excel

    Hi, I am trying to pick random city names from a list of very large data in excel, each city has different categories. I want to pick 23 city names randomly (3 from extremely low risk, 4 from very low risk, 4 from low risk, 5 from moderate risk, 2 from highly moderate risk, 2 from high risk and...
  2. P

    Need to randomly combine numbers

    Hello guys, I have 18 numbers (not from 1 to 18) which I need to randomly combine with each other in groups of 6. Will appreciate any help on that. Have a good one!
  3. M

    [VBA] Continuously Randomized Data set gives Performance Output, How can I make VBA Find a better Solution?

    Hello, I have a basic VBA program which randomly selects data from a larger set into multiple smaller sets, then based on these smaller sets takes an average of the values and gives a performance rating. As of now I can make a simple Do While loop that will continuously run the randomization...
  4. C

    Controlling randomization without VBA?

    Greetings, Currently, I have a spreadsheet of text data that I need random blocks of. I have managed to take the data from the source column and arrange it "randomly" over five columns, but it isn't quite random. For example, the first row only contains values from the first row of the source...
  5. L

    IF Function with some randomization!!!

    This is my function =if(A1=1,"+",if(A1=2,"-")), this function would be in cell B2. Now the problem is if A1 is neither 1 or 2 then FALSE appears in cell B2. so how do i fix it so that FALSE won't appear in cell B2 if neither 1 or 2 is in cell A1. Also in that same function I would like to add...
  6. G

    Generate random numbers with multiple conditional statements?

    Help (Please!), I'm trying to randomly generate thirteen "Distractors" (single-digit numerals ranging from 2 to 8). However, the randomization must be subject to the condition that each new Distractor ("i") has not appeared as one of the previous three distractors (that is "i - 1", "i -...
  7. L

    Random ThemeColor in sub

    In Excel 2007 VBA: Is it possible to randomize ThemeColor in a sub? I have a sub that formats cells that correspond to a certain named range. (here "SV") What I want is to randomize the ThemeColorAccent number in the code below. I have 3 more equivalent subs for other named ranges, and I...
  8. O

    Biblical verses with each letter of your name

    :confused:This is a church project I have 26 alphabetic tables each containing a different number of records but all of the 26 alphabetic tables consist of the same columns: Column 1 the alphabet letter of that table (A, B, ......Z), Column 2 a verse from the Bible starting with that letter...

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