1. S

    Randomize Data in Power Query Based on Certain Criteria

    Hi PQ Gurus, I have a tall order, which I know I would NEVER be able to figure out myself, and am hoping one of you experts could assist. I know the requirements are pretty extensive, but would appreciate ANY help in trying to figure this out. I have a large data set (small sample below), and...
  2. S

    Randomize PQ Results Based on Certain Criteria

    Hi Power Query Gurus out there! I don't have extensive knowledge of Power Query, but use it for simpler tasks. I'm currently using it to query data from a SharePoint list (not relevant to my question), and I'm looking to have PQ look at the data (sample data below), and randomly select 3 IDs...
  3. R

    Randomly pick string element from array

    Hi, I have the following code which creates an array "Ary" with string elements from a table column that match value "x" from another column in this table. I would like to have cell E6 display a randomly picked string element from this array "Ary". How would I have to alter the VBA code? Sub...
  4. E

    Workout Randomizer

    Hi all, I am trying to make a randomizer in Excel to randomize my workouts. I currently have 4 workout lists in Excel: Abs, Arms, Chest, and Legs. The lists are made of strings with no numbers. What I want to do, is to have 3 different buttons, each for a different day (Arm, Chest, and Leg)...
  5. K

    Randomization Based Off a Set of Rules

    Hi everyone, I have a rather tricky problem to solve. For each row in my table (for each person) - refer to screenshot named "My Table", I would like excel to randomly generate a 9 digit number (in Column N) but based on a certain set of rules. Here is how I currently generate them 1 by 1...
  6. M

    Excel VBA Custom Randomizer

    Hi All, I have a macro I'm working on and am having trouble creating a randomizer to find the answer to a solution I'm looking for. Here's the data I need to randomize: Column A contains a Unique ID (1,2,3,4,5 etc) Column B needs to be populated with a number between 1 and 50 but must be...
  7. T

    Question Bank

    How do I create a question and answer bank with excel in a way that I can randomly produce tests with corresponding answer sheets? Also, I need to create multiple choice tests. Little about me: real dumb. Basic instruction and guidance is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Q

    Question bank for Match the Following

    Tl dr; I am trying to make a question bank where one of the question is match the following and I want to randomly select them to form an assignment. I am trying to make question bank in excel so that I can hand out a separate assignment sheet to each student. There are different types of...
  9. T

    Randomize function

    Following from Rick Rothstein's comment here: https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/747715-rnd-not-truly-random.html he suggests, if I understood him correctly, that you should only ever have the randomize function once. In that case, why not just put it in the Workbook_Open...
  10. T

    Using RAND function

    Question, I have not used this and I need to set up based on 2 criteria I have a column with names in it and a second column with codes in them. I only want 10% of the total codes for each name Name 1 can have 20 codes so I need to randomize the two codes that get audited. Name 2 50 codes so...
  11. S

    Randomizing groups with no repeats

    Hi there, I'm trying to randomize the forms we use for study participants for two different sessions without repeats. Specifically, at session #1 , participants are randomized to receive Form A, Form B, or Form C of the same measure. For session #2 , we want to randomize what form version...
  12. S

    Random number generator - vba

    I have found code online to generate a random number using VBA (on click of button) How do I get it to display a certain cell (H5) rather than in a msgbx? Sub random_num() 'Initialize the random number generator '=> Randomize : add this before you call the Rnd function to obtain...
  13. A

    Generate list of random numbers, using same starting seed

    I have inherited some VBA code in Excel 2016 - when the code is run, 500 users are input one by one, and a random number assigned to each one. As far as I understand, the code uses Randomize and Rnd (-1) to set the same starting seed each time, so that every time 500 users are input the same...
  14. M

    randomize cycle and time useform

    Hi, I've got the following code to randomize through userforms, however I would like it to loop through on a random time frame from 5 minutes to 15 minutes and show for 5 seconds then close. So just say I click the button to start the macro, it shows a random userform for 5 seconds then...
  15. B

    Draw a Random name from a list

    Can anyone please help me with this. I have a command Button on the sheet which I want to run the code to do the following in cells G20 to G100 I have a list of names. The list can be any length - so there might only be 12 names or 20 names but the list always starts at cell G20 and will...
  16. S

    VBA or Formula Randomization Question

    Hello all so I have a couple questions that relate to the same topic. First I'm trying to create a "test" which pulls information, randomly from a different sheet, populates in the "primary" sheet and then upon completion of the test you can type in the box, anything you want and the scoring...
  17. A

    How to randomize a group of numbers, colors and names from a list without repeating them in the line.

    I need to come up with all the combinations for the below data. I have numbers, colors and names. I need to put one number, two colors and three names in a row without repeating a name or color in each row. I would also like to not replicate the rows with the colors or names in a different...
  18. G

    Shuffle/Randomize from list of names

    Hello, Im trying to have a cell populate if conditions are met in 2 others cells (ive been using an If statement). I would like the cell that will populate to pull from a list of names and the results to evenly randomize or just choose from the next name on the list (and start from the...
  19. J

    Syntax question - use of parentheses in rnd and randomize

    Hi there: Here goes a newbie's question. I was playing around with rnd function and randomize statement and noticed that seed values may be entered without the parentheses. I was wondering why such behavior is possible since my understanding was that any paramenters (for functions, at...
  20. S

    Random name shuffle without repetitions

    Hi guys, I've got four columns with numbers and names next to the numbers. It looks something like that: cA cB cC cD 1 Anna 6 Frank 2 John 7 Marva 3 James 8 Alice 4 Craig 9 Keith 5 Paul 10...

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