range copy

  1. G

    VBA to count rows from one sheet and to multiple that row count to copy a larger range in another sheet.

    Hi Guys, Hope you can help. I need to know some VBA code so that I can count the number of rows on one sheet (not including header row ) then apply that number to a formatted range Part 1 Extract count. Sheet 1 is an extract of data and has a row count of 4 but I only need a round count...
  2. T

    Transfer data from one range to another using array

    Hi, can anyone spot the error in my ways on this? I've been on it for hours! Essentially looking to copy data from Raw Data to Table5 which is on a separate sheet - but without using copy and paste that is taking way too long for my 20,000 rows and 85 columns of data. Any help will be greatly...
  3. S

    Copy table Column data using a Macro

    Is anyone able to assist in copying a the data of a table column only. I have a macro which runs a bunch of filters and from there I would like to copy and paste the column data only (no headers) I specifically need help with copying and pasting the data. Sub CopyData() With...
  4. S

    Value Of Cells to Names of Worksheets

    Guys, I have names in a range of cells (B9:B72) in a workbook called Master Schedule. I need separate worksheets for each of these names. If possible, I'd like to create a function that creates new sheets and names them according to the range of cells in this workbook. If further...
  5. K

    Copy-Paste Range (Macro Vba)

    Hi all! How do I copy-paste range A1:L16, every time, until row 500? Can you help me build a simple VBA/Macro? Thanks.
  6. R

    Compare a list with sheetnames and on match do copy-transpose operations

    Hi! I have a problem. I have a Workbook named 'SalesData.xlsx' which contains two sheets 'Demand' and 'Availability'. Column A of these worksheets contains CUSTOMER names and remaining thirteen columns contain month-year data. The following needs to be done with both sheets i.e. 'Demand' and...
  7. U

    Why can I not copy a range from another sheet?

    From another worksheet I can copy columns from: OWs.Cells(HdrRow, CCol).EntireColumn.Copy and I copy cells and rows from other sheets so why can I not copy a Range? FWs.Range(Cells(FLRow, FSC), Cells(FLRow, FLC)).Copy When I try I get the error: "Method...
  8. A

    HELP! copying ranges before update vba

    Hey, I have a 25 row table stretching into many columns arranging monthly data from 2008 to 2015. Now from march 2013 onwards, i have the following formula, which updates the value if its an actual value, or uses a formula to forecast. I want to copy these entire range of columns to another...
  9. T

    Range syntax question

    How do I set a range for something like this: myRange=invsheet (iRow "A"), (iRow "D"), (iRow "H"), (iRow "K"). copy BatchSheet.Cells(oRow, "D").PasteSpecial xlPasteValues where the range is made up of non contiguous cells. I would really appreciate some help on the syntax. Thanks...
  10. D

    Columns to columns

    I have a data list Item List 4/07/10 Blank 04/15/10 Blank YTD Soap 3 Blank 2 5 Tp 3 Blank 3 6 PT...
  11. J

    Range copy to a new worksheet

    I have an excel file contains 8 sheet. I would like to copy full details to a new excel new file if 2 values are not equel. Suppose Cast Quantity <> Delivery then I want to copy it to a new excel file. All 8 sheets should check then result should come with Head Lines to New File (Sheet1) one...
  12. W

    vba copy rounded sum of range to another workbook

    Hi All, I'd like to copy the sum of a range from one workbook and paste the rounded value into another workbook. Not too sure how to code this in VBA... E.g. Source workbook Cell A1: 100,000,000 Cell A2: 200,000,000 Cell A3: 300,000,000 Sum = 600,000,000 Destination workbook Cell A1: 600...

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