range formating in vba

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    Dynamic code with R1C1 referencing needed please!

    Hi folks! I have data in 2 rows. Row 203 contains currency values. Row 204 contains 3-digit codes starting at Col 22 and ending at Col 136 (120, 134, 200 etc). I would like code that will search row 204 for specific codes and upon finding a given code, two things will happen. 1 A sumif formula...
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    Average of multiple ranges based on specific variables

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to come up with a simple macro that will scan through a list and calculate the average for a range that has a specific variable. So it would go through the following table and give me the average for all the red's and then the average for the blue, and then the green...
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    VBA: looping through range k with 3 different actions depending on row

    Hello, I'm looping with VBA through a range (2 columns) and need to perform 4 different actions. In column O, row 2 (the 1st cell) I have action A, in the last cell, action C, and in the cells in between action B. In the second column, I perform Action D for the whole range. The # of rows is...
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    Unlocking Cells

    Hello I am trying to unlock a certain range of cells based on a value in another cell and then protect the sheet for the locked cells. After I run the macro everything in my loop becomes unlocked rather than just the specified range. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you, Jared Dim...
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    relative worksheet reference using range copy

    Windows 7 Excel 2007 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I am trying to make to relative worksheet reference within a range of cells while doing a copy of a template worksheet. The copy below is working ok when running my “Results worksheet”...
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    VBA code for indeterminate ranges containing blank rows

    I have "entries" that consist of a row of data and then a blank row below. The first entry is in A2:K3. The number of entries is indeterminate. I have formatting (borders and such) that I want to copy from the first to all the other entries--A4:K5, A6:K7, etc. My modified code from the macro...
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    formating named range

    Hi, I need to format a range named ABC, ABC range starts from A1 to c10. i want to format this range as - Merge A1 to C1 Outline = medium Inline = thin bordercolor = Blue Interior color = Green is it possible to format range ABC acoording to above specification?? Please Help... Thanks.

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