range name

  1. M

    Syntax for named range

    Seems like I'm missing something simple here to name a dynamic range. I'm trying to do this without creating a variable for the last row, etc. With wsLists.Range("A1") .Names.Add Name:="supplierSitesRng", RefersTo:=Range(.Offset(1, 0), .End(xlDown)) End With
  2. T

    Calling a specific range name in a formula from a list of range names

    Is it possible, when writing a formula, to call a range name from a list of range names? For instance, I have a list of all my range names in cells A1:A7. The specific range name in cell A2 is "Sales_2018" (Sales_2018 refers to cells D12:D47). Now I want to create an index/match formula that...
  3. Carl Colijn

    Move sheet or sheet content while preserving range names

    During the last 2 weeks I've been trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem: how to set up a workbook with VBA, where the VBA needs to be signed, and still have users copy sheets in it, without that copying breaking the signature. There seems to be a narrow escape route, but it's still not...
  4. M

    Range name from range in a cell

    Hi I have a few cells in a column with different ranges in them. I would like the vba code to loop through this column, read the range in the given cell (eg cell B2 contains "Tables!$B$2:$D$7") and then name the range ("Tables!$B$2:$D$7") what is given in the column next to it (eg A2 contains...
  5. M

    Range Names and Conditional Formatting

    Hi Newbie here I have a range name which I would like to format using conditional formatting. When I change the cells that the range name refers to I want the it to format the new range. This might not be the easiest way to do it so I'm open to alternative suggestions. Essentially what I...
  6. M

    Mutiple values return with data validation

    Hi all: I need some help here. First time poster.. I need help with my dropdown lists, returning multiple values attached to each entry. If I fill down my formulas it only returns one value; not the list attached. Please PM me if you know an easy fix. Thanks ! :confused:
  7. C

    Dynamic name for a dynamic range

    Does anyone know how to dynamically change the name of a range? Say a range was called Apples which is taken from the column header and I wanted to change it to Pears by changing the column header. Is there a way to do this?
  8. E

    How to name a range with a cell content

    Hello, How to name a range like B1:B21 with B1 content, but in VB? I need to rename also C2:C21 with C1 content and D2:D21 and so. The lists name is used in Data Validation. Thankyou!
  9. S

    Problem with Advanced Filtering in Excel 2007 and 2010

    I am not able to use advanced filter on my menu in either Excel 2007 or 2010. I have tried on 2 different computers one with 2007 and one with 2010. I have range names listed for Database1, Criteria1, and Output1. I check the box for copy to another location (Output1) and do not check...
  10. R

    Weird Range Name Issue

    I have used range names for over 10 years However, I have a weird situation that I have not seen before and don’t seem to find on any postings anywhere on the internet. I define a range name and two odd situations occur: 1. when I reference that range name in a formula, it becomes a RELATIVE...
  11. A

    Dynamic Charts with "Blank" Cells Containing Formulas

    Hey everyone, this is my first post! I've figured out how to create a dynamic chart, where the last values of my data are forced to be blank using an IF formula. The range that I created for which this works has the following formula...
  12. D

    Variable range name in a formula

    =VLOOKUP(B2,'10_28_2012 MFC PROJECT V1.xltm'!lower1,6,FALSE) I need to change the vlookup range name (i.e. "lower1" ) based on contents of an adjacent cell B1. I surely appreciate any assistance you can give me. Thanks den
  13. A

    Formula/Function: Group of Cell Values = Name

    Hello, Excel Friends. My obstacle may not have a fix, but I must ask. I have a column that has file nos. for matters (e.g., 0B-040300US). The seventh character of the file no. identifies the family it belongs to. For instance, all the following matters (0B-040300US, 0B-040301US, and...
  14. E

    Variable ranges in dropdown list

    I need to define a dropdown list (either using a combo box or an in-cell dropdown) but the input range (which contains 10 cells) will not always be fully populated. I tried to define a variable range name using offset to only include populated cells, but I can't get it to work. Details are...
  15. T

    hello I am trying to define cells name by cells value I have tried activecell.name = activecell.value

    hello I am trying to define cells name by cells value I have tried activecell.name = activecell.value but I want more than one cell to define I am trying selection.cells.name = selection.cells.value I want every cell in selection sets it's name by it's value also i am trying to select a range...

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