range of cells

  1. B

    Calculate percentage of selected range/category from a large set of data

    Hi all, I am new to mrExcel. I have a typical requirement. Currently I have one document which as the inventory of the vehicles. I need to calculate the percentage of the number of vehicles by city in a new column. The sample data as follows <tbody> Country State City Brand no of cars USA...
  2. P

    Copy Range of Cells into Clilpboard with cell borders

    I am trying to copy a range of cells into a the windows clipboard so I can paste it onto another workbook. Preferably I would like to be able to copy the cell borders as well. This is what I have so far but it doesn't work. Dim wbname As String Dim Clipboard As MSForms.DataObject Set Clipboard...
  3. L

    Export cell range, save as jpg in file and no duplicates

    I have this vba code that I have attached to a button to save the cell range as a jpg to a file on my computer. I've attached the macor to a button and this code works great. However, when I click the button again, it saves the new screenshot over the older one because it is saving it as the...
  4. J

    Conditional Formatting Multiples Ranges

    HI, I'm trying to conditionally format a range of cells based on a single cell value in each range. I have 10 Ranges in Column C, Range C23:C32, if C23 contains "MI" then it fills all cells in the range with a color, or if C23 contains "P1" then it is a different color, if it contains anything...
  5. K

    Help needed to transpose range of data to the next blank row in another worksheet

    Hi, I need help with Visual Basic. I only know how to record macros (which results in very long scripts), and need help with this code. Background info: I have 2 worksheets in this file: 1 – Calculator (which I will key in some numbers). 2 – Summary (which, at the click of a button, I want the...
  6. M

    IF function referencing a range of cells and sheets

    Hello, I am setting up an expenses tracker for myself each month has it's own sheet and I have the last sheet tracking my Visa bill. What I want is if the Value in Column I in any of the sheets is "Visa" then copy the value in cell K to column E in the Visa Sheet in the form of a list. For...
  7. D

    Calculate min, max and average of a range of cells, but only of coloured cells

    Hi Guys, I need to calculate min, max and average of a range of cells (ex. A2:C6). This appears to be easy, except in this range of cells, I have some cells with different background colours and what I want is to calculate this min, max and average of all cells that have a background colour...
  8. G

    Cells outside the range of cells defined in spreadsheet

    Hi all. Can someone please help with this problem? I have a code module in Access that runs a query that produces a one-record table and that record contains a total. Then the code runs this on an Excel Spreadsheet: DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, 8, "TOTAL_TABLE", "SpreadsheetName", False...
  9. L

    Return Value in Range of Cells

    Hello, I am creating a fairly complex spreadsheet which is formulated all over however I am stuck when it comes to a specific formula can someone help? I have a range of cells that will populate with Text depending on the information processed previously in the sheet, only one cell within a...
  10. M

    Concatenate cells in a Row

    I need a way to concatenate cells in a given row. So let's say we have. Dim Row as string Row = Activecell.Row I need something like Dim ConValue as string ConValue = CONCATENATE("A" & Row, "B" & Row) I know the code above isn't right. I just can't figure out how to give Excel the...
  11. R


    Pls help me to generate 100 random numbers between 100 and 300 in some range of cells like A1:j10
  12. R

    VBA Add a value to several cells based on a click in another cell

    Hello. I know this could be a widely discussed question but I deeply looked for an answer and wasn't able to find the best one. I am trying to make a code which fill the value "x" to a range of cells (by columns), based on a single click in one other cell. Moreover i want that one another click...

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