range to array

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    Excel 2010 / Win 7 / VBA: Feed a SpecialCells range into an Array for UserForm ListBox use

    I have two spreadsheet columns of non-contiguous data. Column B is the "key" column. VBA rng1 consists of cells where there is text in Column B cells. Trying to create VBA rng2 which consists of rng1 cells and the adjacent Column A cells. Next is to then populate two array columns with each...
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    Set a range = to array in different but open workbook

    Hi guys I can't figure this one out. (I'm a novice) I really want to learn to use arrays to and from ranges because it will be much faster than the looping methods I currently use. I searched the forum but see nothing exactly like my problem. The code I pasted is part of one of my procedures and...
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    Saving Range in an Array and retrieving any Index from Array

    Hi Guys, I'm really stuck with this code for last 6 hours now. Code is not that completed. Actually I have a range (containing text and numbers mixed) so i'm first saving the range in one variable and then I'm trying to save (or copy) the range to another Array. It works fine to this level. But...
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    Range to Array

    Hi, I can not find how to put the strings i have in a range (a1:a10) into an array of string that I can user later on with a loop. PD: The range may have 10, 5 or 200 strings (cells) and the array (Sub) should recognize the number of items. Thanks. A1: John a2: Mary etc.. How can I do this...

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