1. C

    Unable to get the FindNext property

    Hi All! I am in dire need of all your expert advise. I have already searched through google and previous forums here with similar problems but none of the answers in those forums seemed to indicate why my code is not working... I have even compared to the docs.microsoft.com example and it is...
  2. B

    VBA: Range.Find returning multiple results

    Hi, I'm working on a project where I need to lookup a name from a list, and then navigate to a worksheet with the same name. I've got this working fine, however when there's multiple matches to my search, Range.Find just finds the first instance and keeps going. So for example, I could have...
  3. J

    VBA Find Method Deselects Charts

    I'm using the following code in conjunction with an embedded chart to find the row where a specified value is located and use that value in a custom tooltip. The problem is that when this runs it deselects the chart and goes back to the last selected cell, and you have to click on the chart...
  4. R

    range.find wont find single "," comma occurance

    Hi community my sub wont find single occurence of "," only when i type additional comma it started to work. So only cells with 2 and more occurances of the comma character are processed correctly. Sub proc() Dim inp As Range Dim outp As Range Cells(1, 7).Activate Set inp =...
  5. svendiamond

    VBA Range.Find in multiple ranges... easier method?

    I am trying to find a string (myLookup) in range "balRangeA" If I don't find it there, I want to look in "balRangeB" If I don't find it there, I want to look in "incRangeA" Is there an easier / shorter way to manage this rather than this code I currently have: Dim foundIt As Range...
  6. N

    Range.Find run a second time on the same range finds second occurance intead of first

    I'm doing some fairly intensive searching for specific data on a sheet. So far it's involved filtering the sheet on several criteria, copying the visible rows to a TempWorksheet and then performing Range.Find looking for one of two possible values in these results. I've come across something...
  7. M

    Range.Find Multiple Criteria

    Hi, Is there a way to use the Range.Find to look for multiple criteria instead of just one value, and not withing a consecutive range, but multiple columns across rows? I'm assuming it can be accomplished by using the "AND" but I don't know where to place it in the function. In my case I...
  8. T

    Get Array of Hidden Rows and Columns indices

    Is there a way to get an array of all the indices of the hidden rows and columns within a worksheet? I would like to do this without any looping, perhaps using Range.Find() if its possible or whatever is most efficient. Ideally I would like to have two functions (FindHiddenRows and...
  9. E

    Range.Find on hidden fields

    I am hoping that you can help. I have set up a range of cells and want to be able to carry out a Range.Find on these cells to identify cells with a particular value. However I want to be able to find the cell even if it is hidden. At the moment, my code works perfectly IF the cell is visible...

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