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    Unique Rank formula not always returning unique ranks

    Hello, I am using Excel 2007. I am using the unique rank formula =rank(value,range) + countif(range,criteria) - 1 to give me unique ranks for a set of dollar values. I have two values of .011 that excel will not give me a unique rank (and they are exactly .011 each - they have the same exact...
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    Ranking issue, how to eliminate duplicates?

    Hi everyone, I have data that I am trying to rank agents on: http://gallery.me.com/chaz4070#100054/Screen%20shot%202010-01-04%20at%2010.13.25%20AM&bgcolor=black I am trying to break out each metric like so...
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    Rank Duplicate values

    I have a list of values (some are duplicates) which I need to rank. The problem arises where I have more than one of any rank, the next rank skips a number. I need to have a list of sequential numbers and therefore can't have any numbers missing. Example: Value Rank Desired Rank...

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