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    Help With VBA Code (my first post, please be gentle :])

    Hello Lovely peoples! I have found my self in the wonderful world of VBA and learning everyday that i use it. However, i have found i have hit a brick wall. I'm trying to create a Commissions spreadsheet for the sales staff and i want them to be able to export their data from the system that...
  2. L

    if text equal count

    I need a formula that i can put in a sheet named Calculation B:54 that if in sheet named Raw Data anywhere column D there the words "AIM 2019" it will add the total numbers in Column G of sheet named Raw Data.
  3. T

    Macro to copy data from the other open xmls document to this one?

    Hi Everyone, Hi you can help me. I have a document my boss uses all day everyday and he keeps asking me to add new deshboards etc. The thing is it takes me a while to do this which mean this document is out of service. However because of the way its set up I could copy data from his version to...
  4. S

    Pivot Table - ignoring data filers on the Pivot Table Raw Data

    Running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Working on a s/s where I have a data filter on the raw data list Pivot tables always worked on the raw data only ignoring any filter on the raw data? Is there a way to switch off this so the pivot table ignores the filter on the raw data
  5. H

    Combining data into a different format on a new tab

    Hi, I have some data which is not in a format which is useful for what I need it for I do not want to manipulate the 'Raw' data in anyway, a I need to keep an audit trail. I do not wish to use a pivot table function, as I need to be able to drop new data into the 'Raw' data tab and an update...
  6. D

    Auto Filter in VBA

    HI - I wonder if someone can tell me where I have gone wrong? Thank you :) Sub TestMacro() ' written to test look up of data in raw data spreadsheet and copy/paste to another sheet ' I want to select the data in column AA and filter on only items that map to type 01. Income from the VLOOKUP...
  7. S

    Creating a Dynamic Floor plan

    This is not looking for a solution its more so advice on if its possible. Was looking to create a dynamic floor plan in Excel where on the raw tab you would enter certain dimensions of a piece of equipment and it would then map it on a sheet. Something like Item A being 6*3 meaning its 6...
  8. N

    Check Value if exist in a range and then....

    Hello, I have the following code to add the input BarCode and it's related details to the next available raw in sheet2 column ("P") Here is a piece of my code that works fine: [CODE]Dim ws As WorksheetSet ws = Sheet2 nr = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, "P").End(xlUp).Row + 1 ws.Cells(nr, "P") =...
  9. U

    How do I automatically count the finished goods of raw Materials?

    I have raw materials. I want to be able to get the finished goods total from the raw material reference. the raw material is in another tab. I am desperate. Any help is appreciated.
  10. U


    I have raw materials that go into several finished goods. I will like a formula where I can input several Raw Materials and I get the count of the finished goods. I think a count if formular will work, but I am not sure.
  11. K

    Not Sure What I'm Asking

    Hi all, So I have a raw data table on one tab in a worksheet. Its got about 30,000 rows - Column 1: 50 Unique values (US States) - Column 2: X Unique values (Counties with those States) - Column 3: Short amount of text entered into a cell (I know, but its done now). I want to create 5...
  12. T

    Macro to fill in dates from one sheet to another finding the account line?

    Hi Everyone, I have two sheets. 1 "Raw Data" and holds a list of sales 2 "Sales" and is my official Sales list. I need to update one column in Sales with the new data from "Raw Data" so heres what I need. In "Raw Data" column A has a Ref Number. (that's rows 2 to last row) In "Sales" the same...
  13. E

    VBA Loop if then

    Hi all. Appreciate some help in writing a loop macro to do a task. I am trying to find every position number that doesn't have the correct mapping Manager position number to copy the row from raw data into exception sheet for review. I have three sheets. 1-Raw 2-Map 3- Exception for cell...
  14. N

    Move Data From one work book to another with Criteria

    Hi, I am stuck in one of my projects and I have no clue to work around this. I have a report with 50000 rows of data with 21 columns. I want to move data based on certain code words I created in column D For EG: RS, RA, PE, RO and So on. The data should be moved from Data Raw file to Data...
  15. B

    Uploading new reports into a PowerQuery table

    I have a monthly report that I have to transform and load into an existing table (I remove columns, etc and the raw data is always the same). I have an existing PQ table that I've transformed into a table that I use for commissions. How do I import new reports into the existing PQ table so I...
  16. S

    How to calculate recipe of ingredient stock

    <tbody> Finish Product code Finish Item Qty 2001 Burger 2 2002 Caffe tea 3 </tbody> <tbody> Finish Product Code Raw Material Code Raw material item Qty Sub Qty 2001 1001 Salat 0.2 ? 2001 1002 Sugar 1 ? 2002 1003 Caffe 0.7 ? 2002 1001 Water 0.9 ? 2002 1003 Tea 0.2 ? </tbody> MY...
  17. C

    IFERROR array formula with 0 for results

    Can anyone assist me with this IFERROR formula; I can'tseem to get rid of the 0 (zero) when I copy the formula to the rest of thecolumn. {=IFERROR(INDEX('RAWDATA'!$N:$N,SMALL(IF('ERProjects'!$B$4='RAWDATA'!,$R:$R,ROW('RAWDATA'!$R:$R)-MIN(ROW('RAWDATA'!$R:$R))+1,""),ROW()-3),"")} Once all the...
  18. E

    Formatting Issues?

    Hello all, Hoping for some help with something I can't seem to get my head around. I've taken a screenshot which will hopefully illustrate what I'm up against well, but the issue I'm having is with raw data which is formatted in a crazy way which I'm trying to manipulate/ change. Please see...
  19. E

    VBA Request

    hi would you please give me a VBA for the following function i want it to watch the column B and when i enter a value in B it multiply it by 20 and add the value to C same raw also monitor D and the same update value to E then F and add to G Thank you
  20. M

    What is the VBA code for referring another sheet which contains raw data?

    I am writing a code in a Module of WB1 and this code shall refer to all the raw data given in Sheet1 of WB2. What would be the piece of code???

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