read receipt

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    read receipt gmail - using VBA (with Gmail)

    Hi, I'm sending emails to my client with gmail-VBA and I'd like to add a read receipt to the code. Do anybody knows how to do this? Thank you
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    dealing with Read Receipt to find the email address

    I would like to know how could I read the email address from a "read receipt" as the following code isn't working MItem.SenderEmailAddress I have a potential work around but don't know how to code it! The work around would be like this if MItem is not an email then reply to the "read receipt"...
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    !Help! Using Excel VBA to access Outlook

    Dear all, I am currently working on VBA programming to check the read status of previously sent emails. I have set .ReadReceiptRequested = True in sending emails but I have problems in checking the reading status. This is due to the object property error when searching through the inbox...

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