1. C

    Excel VBA open file 'Read only', based on Excel version

    Hello every one... I have a macro that checks the Excel Version/ Build in the '' statement. If the version/ build <> 16.14332, the file should open as 'Read only'. Currently I am just running a macro that is locking every single sheet/ cell to avoid changes being made (some...
  2. F

    VBA Script to automatically apply Password to Workbook when closing, prompt user for PW when opening and setting to read-only if input incorrect.

    Hello Everyone Been scouring these forums for a few days before deciding to make my own account... There's been many topics that come extremely close to what I'm looking for, yet none have been the exact same to my knowledge. So, I'd like for the entire workbook to be Password protected upon...
  3. R

    Read Only

    Is there a way to make this save the copy as read only? path = "\\hinas1\MFG\LED\SSL Paperwork\U502\U502FogLBFirstArticle" nom = Left(ActiveWorkbook.Name, (InStrRev(ActiveWorkbook.Name, ".", -1, vbTextCompare) - 1)) & " " & Year(Date) & "-" & Format(Month(Date), "00") & "-" &...
  4. MUKESHY12390

    Create Linked Table Readonly -- MS Access

    Hi frnd, Can we create read-only Linked table , so that user won't able to delete/update anything table. below code works, but it doesn't create readonly access. Any help would be appreciated. DoCmd.TransferDatabase TransferType:=acLink, _ DatabaseType:="Microsoft Access", _...
  5. N

    Suppress Read Only Prompt

    Dear all, I have a workbook that contains macros and this has been passed out to the user community by being saved in the XLSTART folder (as a hidden file) so when they open excel it is opened automatically in the background and they can use the macros within. This means that a number of users...
  6. Caleeco

    How to Stop People Overwriting Excel Spreadsheets

    Hello, Question is in bold below! I've recently been pulled into a new team at work. There is a spreadsheet we all use and populate/update with various bits of data many times a day. One of my biggest frustrations (already!) is people overwriting changes I make to the spreadsheet because...
  7. C

    Excel macro (VBA): Export to ReadOnly PDF

    Dear everyone! I'm completely new to this site - so forgive me in advance.. I'm no genius - especially not when it comes to VBA, but I thought that you guys are, so: I have a macro in my excel worksheet that does following: Saves the active sheet as a PDF The code looks like...
  8. R

    ReOpen thisworkbook in new instance through VBA

    I need to make a certain workbook be open in a seperate instance of Excel. I am aware that you can open a new instance of Excel and then open the file, unfortunately not all users of this file are aware of this. Private Sub Workbook_Open() If Application.Workbooks.Count > 1 Then...
  9. P

    Make a worksheet read only

    I want to make a worksheet in my excel to have only read only access (user shouldn't be able to make changes to that sheet). I tried protecting the worksheet but making so will give an error in my code. My code basically makes some changes into that worksheet. Is there a way out to make the...
  10. J

    I need a VBA code to open .doc files as read only,No luck with replies on other Forums, please help!

    Hi all, I am new to excel and see how helpful everyone is here. This one has been plaguing me for weeks. I am creating a spreadsheet for work that has several links to word files. All of them are protected by admins and I have no access to making them not Read Only. Clicking the Read only...
  11. Fowmy

    Add-in Installation in a Network Environment

    Hi, I have placed an Add-in in a network drive and installed in each workstation all using Excel 2007 without copying it to the local Addin folder in order for everyone to access the same Addin as read-only except myself who is allowed to make changes and save. I have set-up the Workbook_Open...
  12. T

    Application.GetSaveAsFilename Prompting on Read Only Files

    I've just upgraded to Excel 2010 from 2003. An internal add-in that is heavily used uses the Application.GetSaveAsFilename method to prompt for file names to be used for an export process (exporting information from the current Excel file into an xml configuration file). In 2003, even if they...
  13. PoggiPJ

    SaveAs Read Only

    I have a large complex workbook containing many ranges of product line items. The line items consist of both unprotected (i.e. PartNumber, Quantity) and protected (i.e. price x quantity formula) cells. Once the order is complete, I would like to offer the ability to save a completely Read...
  14. R

    Changing Read Only/ Read write access depending on username

    Hi, i have an excel production planning tool on a network. I want certain users (3) to be able to open the workbook and edit the data, whilst I want everyone else to be able to open the workbook. I think this can be done using ChangeFileAccess but I am struggling. Any ideas on what I need...
  15. R

    vba script errors when opened readonly in IE

    Environment: Excel 2003, IE7.0 I am having unexpected vba script errors when opening a spreadsheet in a IE in readonly mode. The code works correctly in readonly mode if opened outside of IE. It also works correctly inside of IE if not in readonly mode. Dim ws as Worksheet Set ws =...

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