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    Create Realtime Data Trend Chart

    Hi, I've got a worksheet where I have realtime data updating into a new row every second. I'm trying to then transfer this in real time into a line chart but have a very basic understanding of Excel and also can't seem to find an answer to this query anywhere. I have linked a video on youtube...
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    TextBox real time filter for ListBox

    Greetings everyone, first of all thanks for all the support you've been offering. Eventhough this is my first post I've already learned a lot as a guest here. Right now I'm facing the following issue: I have a userform containing, among other info, a listbox with 4 columns and a textbox...
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    Worksheet MK2 - Newby Needs Help

    Since my last post I have had to dip a toe in the VBA pond although at the moment it feels a bit more like an Ocean, but I am getting there. Mojo249 was great and she helped no end with the conditional formatting problem I had but my requirements were wrong so although the worksheet worked...

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