1. B

    Trying to reconcile data from two workbooks

    So, I have been tasked with a reconciliation project in which I have to reconcile the Financial Managers from Screenshot 2 to update the Managers from Screenshot 1, in order to add the corresponding fund category (shown in screenshot 1). The current list (Screenshot 1) will have additional funds...
  2. G

    VBA to Compare Two Worksheets Based on Multiple Columns and Output Results to User Built Template

    Hello everyone! I am working on simplifying our employee benefit reconcile process at work. With over 500 employees and 16 different enrollment options, the current reconcile process is messy and prone to errors. I've created a flow in Power Automate Desktop (PAD) that allows the user to...
  3. G

    VBA to look for matches and then compare?

    Is it possible to compare two columns for a match and if there is a match compare two other columns? For example, I want to compare two workbooks with similar data. The FIRST thing I want to check is that there is a match for employee numbers. If there isn't a match, I would want it to be...
  4. G

    Compare Two Workbooks and Display Discrepancies in Another Sheet

    Hello! I am trying to create a "user-friendly" method of comparing two workbooks and displaying the results in a new sheet. Every month I have to reconcile our employee deductions against our vendor invoice. Currently, I am using Excel with Power Query and merging the two using the employee...
  5. H

    Index/Match values for multiple possible matches

    I have a list of employees and their course assignments, a list of employees and their certifications, and a list of the required certifications for each course. I am trying to run a single cell check on whether the person is appropriately certified for a assignment based on the range of...
  6. Sufiyan97

    Reconcile Two Columns BUT also Consider duplicate values

    I have two columns A and B I want to find Number in column A but NOT in column B, Number in column B but not in column A. AB1AB211322432543654 I am using this formula by CA_Punit C2...
  7. K

    Reconciling Brokerage/Managed Fund Investment statements to books with journal entry in Excel

    Hello. I am using an investment tracking Excel spreadshee. that is supposed to result in a perfectly balanced journal entry, once all the information from the statement is entered. I am always having a difference. I am also having to add GLs for things like Accrued Interest on Bonds, where the...
  8. J

    Find a specific amount outstanding?

    Hi all, I am looking to find a specific amount difference (36446.88) based on multiple amounts matching. I have 71 different scenarios of amounts that could add up to the specific amount mentioned above. Is there a way to get Excel to look at every possibility of matching specific figures to...
  9. H

    Macros to reconcile Fulfilled by Amazon

    Hi, Does anyone have a macro or a template builder to reconcile Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) inventory Thanks in advance Hiten
  10. B

    Reconcile huge data set with multiple criteria filters

    Hi, i'm having trouble reconciling the following data sets. Basically I have 2 sheets and needs reconciling. I have done a pivot table to make reconciliation easier but run into trouble when i add more criterias. Filter criteria as follows: 1st sheet: Filter Y (N/Y), I (I/E) -...
  11. E

    reconciling countif?????

    I'm head deep in reconciling countif formula... I have a spreadsheet containing 465 rows of data. Each question is tied to a subtopic. I've used a countif formula to count how many times I'm using all of the topics. I come up with 491 uses of all subtopics. How can this be if I only have 465...

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