1. K

    Reconciling Brokerage/Managed Fund Investment statements to books with journal entry in Excel

    Hello. I am using an investment tracking Excel spreadshee. that is supposed to result in a perfectly balanced journal entry, once all the information from the statement is entered. I am always having a difference. I am also having to add GLs for things like Accrued Interest on Bonds, where the...
  2. J

    Find a specific amount outstanding?

    Hi all, I am looking to find a specific amount difference (36446.88) based on multiple amounts matching. I have 71 different scenarios of amounts that could add up to the specific amount mentioned above. Is there a way to get Excel to look at every possibility of matching specific figures to...
  3. H

    Macros to reconcile Fulfilled by Amazon

    Hi, Does anyone have a macro or a template builder to reconcile Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) inventory Thanks in advance Hiten
  4. B

    Reconcile huge data set with multiple criteria filters

    Hi, i'm having trouble reconciling the following data sets. Basically I have 2 sheets and needs reconciling. I have done a pivot table to make reconciliation easier but run into trouble when i add more criterias. Filter criteria as follows: 1st sheet: Filter Y (N/Y), I (I/E) -...
  5. E

    reconciling countif?????

    I'm head deep in reconciling countif formula... I have a spreadsheet containing 465 rows of data. Each question is tied to a subtopic. I've used a countif formula to count how many times I'm using all of the topics. I come up with 491 uses of all subtopics. How can this be if I only have 465...

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