1. sleek12

    Filter out from the range that is coloured green, use those values to open new worksheet to compare and contrast

    After the reconciliation was complete, The range gives out as values in both worksheets, values only in first worksheet and values only in second worksheet. (see last portion) But my area of interest is values in both worksheets. See below. ABCDEF1dec2021CASHBOOKdec2021NBK502BOTH2AmountCount...
  2. M

    Upgraded to Windows 10, Excel macro to create outlook email and attach file no longer working

    I was recently upgraded to Windows 10. When I run my macro in Excel (2016 MSO 64-bit) that is supposed to create an outlook email and attach files from a specific folder, only some of the emails generate now. If both of the Excel files noted in the code don't exist in the folder, Outlook no...
  3. B

    Macro to replace the VLOOKUP function

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a macro to apply a Vlookup on two different excel sheets. Actually, I wish to make sure that What is in sheet 1 is also in sheet 2. For this I have to make sure that for the same name the amount in the worksheet 1 is the same in work sheet 2. Example if...
  4. D

    Reconciling Sales & Inventory Reports - should be easy, but.....

    I have 2 reports - one from "Sales", another from "Inventory". I want to develop a quick and easy way to reconcile them every day (i.e. macro would be ideal). Here's the data after my first macro - If you compare the 2 reports, you'll see that they don't match at first glance. That's...
  5. Spotycus

    Only copy rows based on cell value and Paste (values only) into a new table. BankReconciliation Project.

    I have seen this topic a lot recently but have not been able to apply the prior examples correctly for my scenario. I am working on a bank reconciliation tool, and need generating the table of mismatched or unreconciled values. Hopefully the following information will help explain. I have...
  6. J

    Referencing what cells add up to a value

    I was hoping to get some help on if there is a formula out there that has ability to help reconcile a specific value. I have a list of invoices and their respective dollar values. If a vendor lumps multiple invoices together into a check, is there a formula to help determine what invoices were...
  7. L

    Reconcile Values In VBA

    Hi All, I have tried and tried to work my head around making lists of all unique permutations of a list of values that equal x but no luck. If any one has any idea I would apprecate it. Its like a brute force algorithm for passwords I guess but i cant work out how to only use each value once...
  8. D

    Simple Bank Recon

    Hey guys, I am looking for a way to easily recon my bank statment by value. At the moment I generate a statment in CSV from the bank and compare it to transactions in my export. The layout is simple, the bank statment shows. <tbody> Date ID Value 2014-10-07 1254 $458.55...
  9. T

    Match cash entries to invoice entries by account

    Hi there. I have a long list of invoices and cash payments which I need to find the offseting entries. There are over 1,000 accounts and each account can have many entries, so over 20,000 lines of data, a long and laborious task which I have to do every week! The lady before me did this...
  10. F

    Copy Data from various worksheets and display row by row in a single worksheet

    Hi, I data on a master document and have data sent in from various independent offices which I would like to reconcile. Each region along with the master is posted onto a separate worksheet in my spreadsheet but I would like to copy specific information in worksheet order and paste row by row...
  11. S

    Matching lines of data using a macro to a set rules?

    Hi, I have a set of data like the below in sheet 1, i need to match the data by order number and show differences as exeptions on sheet 2 <TBODY> Order</SPAN> Purchase/Sale</SPAN> Currency</SPAN> CCY 1</SPAN> AMT 1</SPAN> CCY 2</SPAN> AMT 2</SPAN> Date 123</SPAN> P</SPAN> GBP/USD</SPAN>...
  12. V

    Bank Reconciliation in Excel

    Dear All, I require to reconcile 2 sheets every month and its very tedious. Can this be automated by a macro. here is what I need to do. sheet 1 is the bank statement , sheet 2 is the reconciliation sheet, where I have to search the items from the sheet 1 and if the item is present in sheet 2...

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