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    Counting records consecutively and resetting to 1 if named field value changes

    Hi I am constructing a database for running courses. I have a main form called Courses and two subforms, Sessions and Bookings. The Sessions form is intended to allow the user to enter the number of sessions the course lasts. Many will be one, some will vary from one upwards to perhaps twenty...
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    Multiple dependant list boxes (and a bit more!)

    Hi all, This is my first post so be gentle!! If you don't want to read the background, please feel free to skip to the 2 bullet points at the end which is what I am really after. I am trying to set up a data analysis / reporting 'engine' @ work and I am struggling with part of it - I will...
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    Add subform record count to text box?

    Private Sub cmdSearch_Click() Me.Refresh Me.txtRegInfo = "Stores are in Region " & cmbRegion & " (" & cmbState & ")" End Sub Can someone help me understand how I can insert a record count variable from a subform qry? My qry populating my subform is called qryPL_Store_List. Lets say...

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