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    Reading Oracle with macros

    Hi guys, I am trying to read data from my oracle database in the company, but I have problem with my macro code. THis is the code I found online, and it was told to work by many other users. Sub GetData() Dim SQL_String As String Dim dbConnectStr As String Set con = New...
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    Anothe hopefully simple vba fix

    Hi all, I have inherited a file that I have made a small number of changes to. Now, when I run the macro, I keep getting the message box appear saying "please check data in row 10". Sorry it's a bit long. Thanks in advance. Sub validation(errorcheck) errorcheck = False RecordCount =...
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    VBA ADODB Record Count

    Hi, For some reason the record count for one of my sql-queries return -1. I have the exact same connection and query above, which returns the correct number of records. sqlRS.RecordCount returns the correct number of records, while sqlrs_c.RecordCount returns -1 (but ir really returns 5 to the...
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    Sum of DataEntry Form

    I'm Using a SubForm with Dataentry=Yes to type and see only the new records. in every row in the sub form I write the Number of the row in that batch using: n=recordset.recordcount+1 (at before update event of the form) now I want 2 things: 1. After Update, To summarize one of the fields (but...

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