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    does IFS() calculate the redundant terms in background

    to save wasted processing I sometimes use =if(A1="","", [heavy formula]) which clearly works, as the heavy formula isn't calculated when its redundant. But if i use IFS() to do the same (as per the below) =IFS(A1="", "", A1=0, "", 1=1, [heavy formula]) it should do the same... BUT when...
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    Transpose, skip redundant

    Hi everyone, I am looking for several days now, how to transpose dynamically unique data. The table I have is that journal! a a b c d b And I would like that Rate! abcd BUT I want to be able to add data in the column journal! that would directly goes to the rate! sheet. Transposing is...
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    Query trouble, Redundant data with table joins and date selects

    (Access 2007) I have three tables in a database: tblClients, tblOfficeVisits and tblData tblClients has a primary key CaseID. This is joined (inner, 1-Many) to CaseID in tblOfficeVisits which contains only three fields (CaseID, VisitNumber and VisitDate). The purpose is to list every time a...
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    Please help: How to delete double data (rows)

    I have an excel worksheet (Excel 2007) where I have around 4000 rows of data. So now and then there are double rows, so similar rows are shown. Instead of deleting the manually I want to find out how I can delete more easily. Which formula can I use to automatically delete this double data...

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