reference a file

  1. K

    VBA Reference Unsaved Files

    Hello, This is probably a quick fix but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. I have a project that references an open unsaved file ("Invoice Data.xlsx"). Every day a new file is emailed to us with invoicing information. The macro file imports the relevant data and runs some calculations...
  2. S

    Do until loop doesn't work with complex reference formula ?

    So generally I am trying to make my text formula work, but as many other methods, this one doesn't work for some reason. =IFERROR('K:\PLANING\Apr\[Thu, Apr 11.xlsb]Millright data'!B7+'K:\PLANING\Apr\[Thu, Apr 11_2.xlsb]Millright data'!B7,'K:\PLANING\Apr\[Thu, Apr 11.xlsb]Millright data'!B7 This...
  3. T

    Excel to PowerPoint (VBA) (Referencing the right PowerPoint instance)

    Below code works perfectly: Sub ExportToPowerPoint() 'early binding Dim ppApp As PowerPoint.Application Dim ppPres As PowerPoint.Presentation Dim ppSlide As PowerPoint.Slide Dim SlideCount As Long ' Reference instance of PowerPoint On Error Resume Next ' Check whether PowerPoint is running...
  4. J

    Referencing Data to an everchanging source name

    Hello, I am trying to export data sets from 3 files into a new "Weekly Summary" file. However, the file names change each week to match up with the start date of the week (ex. Line 1 6-26-17). Whenever I try to reference a sheet by having the user select a file by using...
  5. E

    Possible to have date stamp of when a SEPARATE reference file was last saved?

    I have a master file consolidating everything I need and it is mostly references to other files that are exported with monthly data. I have one master file that is updated as those files are saved and has very little data that is manually entered. Not all of the reference files will be updated...
  6. D

    Find Replace Making Me Open and Select Other Files

    I ahve a report that I must update each week. Throughout the report are references to another daily report of the format: 20140610_DailyReport So each week when it comes to updating I am supposed to CTRL+H and replace 20140603_DailyReport with 20140610_DailyReport But when I try that now...
  7. J

    Replace part of file name in a formula based on sheet name

    I'm really hoping someone could help me out with this one. Here is my situation: I have a workbook with several sheets, all set up exactly the same. Each cell on a sheet is referencing the same file, however each sheet is referencing a different file. For example, this is one of the cells in a...
  8. S

    Workbook that references two text files that update daily.

    I am having to set up a workbook for our purchasing department that compares two daily exports from our database and tells her what to order to maintain appropriate levels of inventory. I can make all the formulas and know how to get this to work if the two exports were excel files. Can the...
  9. J

    If Activate Command Results In Run Time Error, Then Test a Second Option

    All, Apologies for the vague title - could not find a good way to word it. This thread plays off a recently posted one that a member was very quick to answer and get me on my way. I have a file name of "May Scrap Net of Reserve with scrap codes.xls". My earlier post centered around how to...
  10. J

    Reference filename based on Cell contents

    Hello all, I have found a number of threads on this subject, but all point towards using '=indirect()' or a macro. The problem with the indirect function is that I cannot consistently have the referenced file open, hence a #REF error. I also do not want to use a macro due to the volatility of...
  11. B

    Table question!!

    I want to reference a table (not a pivot table) from another Excel file. I want it to update automatically if the original table is changed in any way. Any ideas?
  12. N

    Macro for Updating Cumulative Totals Monthly

    Running Windows XP - Excel2007 Each month I prepare financial spreadsheets that include entries for that month and a running cummulative total for the year. I add the current month to the cumulative total last month (by referencing the same cell in last months spreadsheet). Each month I...
  13. M

    Problem with external link

    Hello, I have experienced an unusual problem with formulas referring to another workbook. When re-opening the master xls file and choosing the update option, the error message "This workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated" comes out and the formulas containing external links...
  14. D

    Dynamically Linking Excel Cells from Different Workbooks

    Hi All, I have just started VBA-ing in Excel, and feel I am way over my head. Any solution to the following would be greatly appreciated: Basically, I have two two workbooks, let's call them data.xls, and model.xls The model workbook needs to pull numbers from the data workbook. Basically the...
  15. J

    Reference to external program

    Hi, I'd like to know if it is possible to make a reference in vba to an external program. Now, I can make an object-reference to Excel like this: Set xlExcel = New Excel.Application xlExcel.Visible = True xlExcel.Workbooks.Open vFile, False, True I'd like to do the same, but now to a...
  16. K

    Maintaining Row Integrity with reference workbook

    I am using Excel 2003 to track some data between two workbooks. Book 1 has the source (first 6 columns of data) which I have referenced to Book 2. Book 2 contains the data from Book 1 but has additional columns of information that is manually updated. Here's my problem. When Book 1 has an...
  17. R

    Referencing a file when it is open/closed

    I have two workbooks: one with raw data, and one that uses that data. My 1st workbook references cells within the 2nd one using: =INDIRECT("'[Next Level Input.xls]Sheet1'!"&"$C"&$F$4) Essentially, I am looking for it to return the data in a cell: with column "C" and the row of F4. All of...
  18. P

    VBA to Open new file, Prompt, and then save

    At work we have about 10 different excel programs that we use regularly, and we're trying to create a control panel program to make things easier for the less technically inclined. The control panel program (currently named "Control Systems.xls" needs to be a shared workbook that has the...

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