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    Referencing External Workbook Data

    I have a folder containing a 1200 workbooks filled with data and use a single workbook in another directory to reference specific sheets and cells. I know I need to have a placeholder for every file referenced but is their an easy way to setup one reference and then drag the cell down rather...
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    New Workbook referencing VBA from old workbook

    Hello all, My issue might be easy for some of you since I am not that experienced with Macros. Here is a description of my project. My initial Workbook, called MAINworkbook has one main visible sheet where user launches a userform. (20 other sheets are hidden) Userform has 20 checkboxes where...
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    Formula to reference external workbooks

    I have a workbook with three different columns and within each column are approx. 245 formulas. Each formula in a column references a workbook and each column has a different workbook that is referenced. The referenced workbook is labeled in row 3, such as A, AA, and AC all reference workbooks...
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    Auto populate excel quotes from thousands of referenced price lists

    Hello, I am trying to determine if there is a way to create a workbook template for a sales quote that references other workbooks. In other words, is there a way to automate the population of data fields (eg. supplier, cost, description) when a manufacturer product number is entered into a...
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    VBA Reference Book recommendations, please

    Can you recommend a good, solid VBA guidebook? I understand code that people post enough to know what it does but no where near enough to replicate it myself. The whole dim str thing leaves me a little bambozzled. Our library has a whole three VBA books and they're all out on loan at the...
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    [Macro] [VBA] More than One Reference Workbooks to copy cells to a One Workbook / Macro

    Hi, i have Book1 (reference workbook) and Book2 (where i copy values from Book1) Now i have i macro which helps me to fetch the datas and paste the values in the format below. But i can only doing this for one reference workbooks. But i need to add more reference workbooks in a file and paste...
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    Macro code to reference workbooks

    Hi all As the title says, I'm trying to reference one workbook from the macro code of another workbook. The macro code is comparing values on 2 workbooks and the one in which the code is written is the active workbook. Set Erng2 = ActiveWorkbook.Sheet5.Range("R1:R50") Set Erngr2 =...
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    Nice big thick reference book

    Hi. I've been programming in VBA on Excel for 5 months, and I am looking for advice as to which book to buy next. I have worked through the excellent Excel 2003 VBA Programming For Dummies, but it's not exactly comprehensive. I'm bright but no genius. Want deeper understanding of VBA...

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