1. A

    Outputting a Dashboard from Excel to IE

    I wonder if someone could help me by pointing me in the direction of the resources needed to that I would be able to convert the dashboard that I have into an Internet Explorer webpage. The idea is that I supply a link and via VBA convert the Dashboard I have into an IE page which would update...
  2. D

    Reflection 5250 question - Unable to .getdisplaytext consistantly

    Hi Team, I need your quick assistance on the below. I am sure it will be an easy one for you guys. I am initiating a macro from excel which connects to reflection 5250 performing the task and retrieves certain information displayed on the screen back to excel. However one of the codes which I...
  3. M

    Attachmate Reflections to Excel

    This is all fairly new to me, so be gentle. I'm using Attachmate Reflection for Unix and OpenVMS, which is capable of using VBA to automate interactions with a host of other applications. I'm trying to put together a macro to run from Reflection which will result in an orderly spreadsheet list...
  4. C

    Connecting Excel to Reflection 2011

    I am trying to write macros in VBA to connect Excel to a current session of Reflection 2011. I used to use an older version of Reflection and this was rather easy. However, I have been upgraded to Reflection 2011 and this is more difficult. The code I have from using the help guides is: Dim...
  5. cshivers

    WRQ Reflection/VBA programming

    Does anyone have any experience using VBA with WRQ Reflection? I have tried multiple searches related to WRQ Reflection and VBA with no luck on figureing out how to use VBA to access WRQ Reflection. I cant find how to even connect let alone start sending commands do and from. Right now i am just...

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