relative cell

  1. F

    VBA Sum from a specific cell to a relative cell

    Hi All I am looking for a little bit of advice for a formula in VBA. I created a macro but while testing it i noticed that this line of code was not going to be correct for all situations. ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=SUM(RC[-10]:RC[-1])" I would like it to sum from B3 to RC[-1] but of course...
  2. G

    Paste Absolute value with VBA

    I am new to VBA, but I have been able to edit my recording enough to get what I want to this point. Here is what I have so far: ActiveCell.Offset(-12, 0).Select Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.Offset(0, 16)).Select Selection.Copy ActiveCell.Offset(12, 0).Select ActiveSheet.Paste...
  3. timstring

    select relative reference

    This is a really ignorant question, because I should know the simple answer. I need a command that causes a selection over a range of cells where the column varies from one sheet to another. Here's what I've tried: ActiveCell.Offset(0, 0).Range("R[1]C[1]:R[2]C[" & LastCol & "]").Select I...
  4. P

    conditional formatting 2007

    Hi, I have a problem in conditional formatting in excell 2007. I want to condition format an entire column based on another relative column data. For example I want to set background of each cell in column A to red according to relative values in column D. If $A1 > $D1 then RED $A2 > $D2 then...

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