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    Remote Desktop Breaks my Automated Excel Printing Macro

    I need to run automatically an excel macro that PDFs a monthly report and then saves and closes the excel file. My proposed solution is that using Windows Task Scheduler it runs a windows batch print file that runs a VBScript which then runs the excel file. The excel file when it is open then...
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    How to connect to a Teradata database on a remote server

    Hello friends, I need help in connecting to a Teradata database on a remote server. I could comeup with a VBA for connecting to 'Teradata' database locally with in that server and want to move my solution a step further where the user would be able to connect to the database in a server and get...
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    Running Excel from a remote desktop or server!

    Excel friends, I have an excel financial model with some VBA code used by several people located in many countries. I would like to keep them using always the most updated version, and also having some sort of security ID, passwords, VPN, etc. The users should be able to access or read the...
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    Resolution Disparity: Paste and Paste Link

    When I embed a range from Excel into a Word doc using paste special > paste link, the resolution is totally distorted regardless of the zoom level in Excel. When I simply copy and paste into the Word doc, the resolution is fine. I'm having this problem while using remote desktop to my work...
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    Have to click mouse multiple times when accessing Excel after using remote desktop

    This is driving me nuts. I'm working in a remote desktop session. I've got the remote desktop up on my right screen, then I go to to my left screen which has Excel running in it. I click on a cell and Excel doesn't recognize that I am trying to use it. If I click 5 to 20 additional times...

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