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    How remove the Last 5 character throu VBA

    Hi Folks I need small macros removeing Last 5 character of the Word In Exp: AT_1833 I need AT only. Removring _1833
  2. M

    Removing specific characters from a cell?

    Hi I've got dozens of cells where I need to remove the apostrophe and the '-' in the cell in order to make the data compatible with another system. Eg if the cell A1 had the text Goodfella's Greatest-Ever I'd want to use a formula in B1 that removes the apostrophe and the dash. Does...
  3. O

    Removing a // double slash in a date

    Hi, Back before my time, a program that was written that we no longer have access to the source code wrote dates for some cells with a double slash such as 12//01/2018. I have to go through multiple worksheets in the workbook and manually replace these after the application completes its run...
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    Remove leading zero from partial string

    Hi, I have a complicated string where I need to remove leading zero from partial string and change the string with different formatting. Example below: <tbody> Original New 02-01-22 [G MM] 2/1/22 3-05-01 [X SM] 3/5/1 07-6-10 [E SM] 7/6/10 </tbody> I have tried using NumberValue but...
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    How to remove two first and two last characters from a column in Excel with one formula?

    Hello. I have my column A in Excel like this: LT013800 LT025200 PL2011000 PL2061000 LV440200 LV604300 EE440000 EE700000 etc. And I want my column B like this(so I want to remove two first and two last characters from column A using one formula): 0138 0252 20110 20610 4402 6043 4400 7000 etc...
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    Remove Comma's from Cell

    I have values like this in the cell E6 1177,1178,,,,,1185,,,,,,1344,,,,,,1346,,,,,1251,,,1487,,,,,,1488,,,,,1489,,,,,,1348,,,,,1481,,,,,1485,,,,,,1486 I want these values in separate rows on F column, what should be the formula ?
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    Extract all Dashes and Upper Case letters

    I have a cells that contain Names and Dashes ex: "Aaron Arbogust -- John SMith -- Bret Johnson -- Dan Bologna" I would like that to extract all Upper case letters and Dashes to read:"AA--JSM--BJ--DB" Basically extract Uppers and Dashes OR remove Lowercase letters and spaces
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    Excel formula help - remove character from a certain position within a string

    Hi I would like to replace the the last "." with a "0" <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 1.1.7 1.1.8 1.1.9 1.1.10 1.1.11 </tbody> Much appreciated
  9. S

    Remove symbols, Punctuation marks from list

    Hi Friends, I have a huge list of Names which includes first, middle, last names and along with their titles, education etc., for example Tina DeRubeis van Zyl May Wen-Li Rebecca Hodson, CPA, MST David P. Kraus, Jr. Heather Findon, CPA James C. Lawson, JD, CPA, MST Bruce Feinstein, C.P.A...
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    stuck on removing specific text

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to remove a specific character ")" however, I need it to fit within my existing formula if at all possible. The formula already identifies "(" and removes the character plus everything left of it. I know that the substitute function is probably best here (either that...
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    Remove characters before and after, remove zero and add letter

    <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col span="4"></colgroup><tbody> This is what I have: 000901000017 00068794 0 CA 000901000024 00014544 0 CA 000901000079 00068796 0 CA 000901002004 00050853 0 CA 000901016315...
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    how to remove "= sign"

    Hi...looking for a formula to remove an "= sign" at the very beginning. hence if "=Jordan" then want to change it to "Jordan" in cell T3 only. but wait, the resulting cell T3 "=Jordan" already has a formula inside it =(U3&V3&W3&X3&Y3) How to enter formula for removing "= sign" and not...

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