remove rows vba script

  1. C

    Removing lines based on multiple criteria

    I am trying to eliminate certain rows in my workbook automatically based on a few fields. The file contains patient encounters with hospitals. Patient can either be discharged from the ED, admitted to inpatient, or discharged from inpatient. If a patient is transferred to inpatient from the...
  2. L

    remove rows which contain words from range on other sheet

    Hi All, I need to exclude rows from ie sheet1.Range(A1:A200) which contain keywords from cells in sheet2.Range("I2:I50"). At the moment I am using array but I want the words to be taken from range in case user what to change these keywords. Could anyone help me with this? Thank you Code...
  3. S

    Not Enough Memory - Remove Rows Containing Blank Values in Specified Column From All Open Workbooks

    I have been using a macro to pull together worksheets from all open workbooks into a single sheet discussed here: Combining All Open Workbooks into Single Worksheet I then have another macro I have been using that removes a row if there is no value within a specified column shown here: Sub...
  4. N

    VBA Remove Table Rows

    I've taken my data and converted it into an Excel table. I'm trying to delete any rows within the table that have the value "H" in Column U. Can anyone assist? I've unsuccessfully tried using a few different variations of code that I've found on various forums, but I'm wondering if there is...
  5. selant

    How to remove the required rows with vba

    Hi, Can you help me write a VBA script to remove the required rows shown in the figure. The range will be A1 to F9. I want to remove the rows which Grade1, Grade2 and Grade3 columns are zero at the same time. Thank you.

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