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    Move item between listboxes

    I am having a very difficult time getting these items to be removed from the original listbox once i transfer them to another. I've tried different things but this is the closest I can get without an error. It involves no removing. Private Sub BTN_NotInGAIT_Click() Dim i...
  2. N

    Remove item from list due to variable

    Hi, hope somebody can help me... I have a sheet for electric fly killer (EFK) maintenance. There are two types of EFK - Zapper (i.e. electric killer grid kills flies) and Glue Type (i.e. a sticky glue board catches & retains the flies to kill them). To show when maintenance has been...
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    filter listbox based on value in column 5

    Hi there, I have a macro that searches the active worksheet and copies all full and partial matches to a listbox. After this is done, I'd Like to enable users to further filter the results - if a checkbox is selected, only rows in the listbox with "admitted" in column 5 should remain, while...
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    listbox remove all items

    I have a userform in my model which displays a list of sheets within the spreadsheet, these can be selected and then either the "delete" button pressed or the "view" button pressed. The first time this is done it works a charm - perfect! however, the second time that it opens all the old...

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