rename file

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    Rename Files & documents with serial Text - numbers inside Sub folders

    Dear Sirs, Can any one help me with writing a VBA the code, I need to rename all files & Documents inside the sub folders a with serial Text - numbers, Example : Inside the Admin Letter folder there is three documents (Scan 15, Scan 16, ID) I need the code to rename all these documents as this...
  2. U

    VBA - Bulk Renaming of Files

    Hi Gurus, I'm currently working on a macro but can't find any that suits the process I have. I need to rename hundreds of files in word, excel and pdf format. Example Filenames: HOP12345 FileOne.doc 9876ABCD FileTwo 1234.xls A1RBL234 Data 000.pdf What I need is the macro that will rename...
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    VBA Rename File Names

    Hi Team, I was looking for some codes in bulk renaming of filenames and found below a helpful one (see current codes). I have a separate macro that can generate the file names (refer to B14). However, for me to change the filename, I do it manually. Example: Replace "." with "_Math_0619" and...
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    VBA Batch Renaming of Files

    Hi Excel Gurus, I'm looking for some post here regarding naming of files but can't find a suitable one. Basically I have these folders on my documents: Folder 1: Math Folder 2: Science Folder 3: History Inside the folders are different files like in the form of PDF, Excel, Text,jpg and Word...
  5. E

    Download Zip with new file name, auto open afterwards

    So I have spent WAY too much time trying to get to this answer. Below is what I need to get at...and yes, I have been to RondeBruin's site and it hasn't helped much from my limited knowledge. I have Excel 2010, WinZip16.0 (winzip64.exe), Internet Explorer 11 Download .zip file from site (I...
  6. K

    Rename the Excel Files using VBA Code

    Hi, I have more than 1000 excel files in a single folder and there are many folders like this. I need to write the code through which I can rename all the excel files of a Singhle folder can be renamed with the text present at "H2" in each excel file. Pls help me regarding the same...
  7. J

    Automatic picture naming

    Hello! I'm currently working on photoshoot and I got my customer database in excel. Is there anychance to either move files into certain folders based on customer ID (every customer has folder which is their ID), write some metadata into pictures as they arrive in one big folder (Metadata could...
  8. S

    Macro to rename files in a specific folder Hello Everybody, I have following problem, discribed also in the link above. I need a vba code to - choose a folder instead of a file - find all the files in the chosen folder with name that starts...
  9. S

    Using the EURO symbol in filenames via an excel generated RENAME statement in a batch file ...!

    Hi Sorry if this has long since been discussed and solved, but sadly in searching this and other forums and the web, I can't find a solution! doh! Must be blind? I guess the fact I'm in the UK might be relevant to code pages etc. I'm reading in (well cut and pasting from a text file that is...
  10. N

    Extract parent folder name from file path

    i have inherited an access tool that imports a file into its database, makes a series of changes, then in its final stages exports the file back into the folder it originally came from with changes. this all works fine. however, what i want it to do, is export the file, but rename it to reflect...
  11. S

    VBA macro to rename a word file

    I have a file saved with a name. EX: Create Project Related Purchase Order, I need to change the name (as Create_Project_Related_Purchase_Order_QRG) with underscores after every word in the file name and _QRG at the end of the file. I want to use the VBA code to do this automatically in a...
  12. B

    VBA to normalize files in a folder

    First of all, thank you for all the support I got here during my previous question. I much appreciate it. I am still learning VBA, slowly getting the hang of it, but now I've ran across a complex problem which I have just no idea how to handle. Here is how it goes. I have my workbook stored...
  13. N

    Specific file rename macro

    Hi all, I need a macro to rename some files with specific names. I'll be very thankful if someone can help me, because I have to rename a lot of files every month. I have many files named like: John-2001021358-Company Name-June 2011-EX.xlsx Peter-2001522398-Company Name-June 2011-EX.xlsx ...
  14. T

    Problems saving file and retreiving file

    When I save an Excel file it often says that it cannot save and then renames the file and saves it under a new name with a strange icon that is white with three dots in it rather than the usual Excel icon. In addition when I open the file it frequently will not open properly only displaying...
  15. S

    Save .xlsm using PC name if file does not exist

    Hello All, This will be my 1st posting and I would greatly appreciate some advise on the best way to handle what I am attempting to accomplish. Basically, I would like to open an excel workbook file (.xlsm) and rename the file using the PC name ("Book1" & PC_Name). Obviously, I do not want...
  16. W

    Rename file based on cell

    Is it possible to create a macro to rename and save a file based on a cells content? For example, if the name in cell C2 is "John Doe" and D3 has the word "April", I want to rename the current file to John Doe and the current worksheet to April. Can you do this? Thanks in advance, Paul

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