rename files in folder

  1. S

    Have cell reference as Naming convention

    I need to change how some code looks up a certain directory, previously I had it static where it was just a set folder. However now I want to make it a cell reference on a workbook im just not sure how to do so. Below is what I have, I would like it so its refering to cell A2 on a tab called...
  2. U

    VBA Rename File Names

    Hi Team, I was looking for some codes in bulk renaming of filenames and found below a helpful one (see current codes). I have a separate macro that can generate the file names (refer to B14). However, for me to change the filename, I do it manually. Example: Replace "." with "_Math_0619" and...
  3. D

    Renaming Files Loop order - MS Scripting Runtime

    Hi I am having a bit of a brain fart on this particular problem when it comes to ordering my loops correctly. I have a folder of scanned invoices (file names are sequentially numbered), I also have a spreadsheet which contains the invoice numbers in column A and a Page Count in Column B (one...
  4. H

    Worksheet save as .csv(Comma deli) and rename as .txt by cmd.exe

    I am trying to save a sheet as .Csv (Comma delimited) and then rename as .Txt by Cmd.exe (Shell) but not working. Please help me !!! Dim MyFolder As String, MyFile As String, MySheetName as String Dim ShellComand As String ......... MyFolder = "D:\Revise" MyFile = Dir(MyFolder & "\*.txt")...
  5. L

    VBA - Iteration to copy & rename files in to a new folder

    Good morning from NZ. I posted a question on this yesterday to do renaming/appending filename. I solved that. The problem I now have is that the code is not copying and renaming files to the new folder and yet when I run to cursor past the filenaming iteration it appears to be doing that. Comes...
  6. Fishboy

    Renaming a CSV file after import

    Hi All, I am using Excel 2010 and have a workbook set up that imports data from a CSV file when a macro button is pressed. What I would like to do is to then rename that CSV file after the import is completed, specifically adding the date on the end of the filename. For a simplified example...
  7. Z

    Look for a match for external file and rename it in vba

    Hello all: I have run into a problem that I was given a list of file names in the spread sheet, and I will need to look for all files(located where else in a shared drive) with the name that match the first six character in the file names given in the spread sheet, and rename all that...
  8. C

    Use Excel 2007 to Rename Files in a Folder

    Hi there,</SPAN> When I scan documents onto our system using our scanner the scanner automatically creates the name of the file, I would like a Macro that will rename the files in a folder to the name I specify in a cell for example:</SPAN> File Saved in: C:\My Documents</SPAN> File Name...
  9. G

    Rename files as per the Keyword & File extension found

    I have a LIST of files in a folder and I want to rename them according to the file type and key words found in the file through VBA For example: 4063 2012-04 Cap N.pdf In the above file, I need to search "Cap" & if it is a pdf file then I need to rename it to "4063 Schedule N Report.pdf"...
  10. P

    Rename files from a list in Excel

    I really need help, I need two Macros. On running the first one, asks the user where the folder is. Then it should list all the files from a folder and any files from sub folders within the main folder. It puts all the names in column A. TestFile.pdf TestFile2.pdf TestFile.xsl TestFile3.doc...
  11. S

    Macro to rename .jpg and .png files with similar names

    Hi Team, I need to write a Macro, which will find all .jpg and .png files in a folder with same names and rname them seq as 1.jpg, 1.png, 2.jpg, 2.png and so on................... Please note that even after renaming both files will be under the same names only...............But instead of...
  12. C

    rename all files in a folder removing first 10 characters of name

    Hi I need code to rename all word doc files in a folder. I require to remove the first 10characters from the file name for the new filename. Can anyone help me on this. (I am currently doing it via the command prompt to list all files and then generating the new filename through excel and...
  13. N

    rename bunch of csv files at one go

    i am new to macro hence i need your help i have mote than 3000 csv files in one folder ie in d:\re I want to change name of those files I also have one excel file containing OLD and NEW names in colomun A and B like A, B Old Name, New Name asd, bu_09943_n sdc ,BU_43434_b lt b ,u_22222_n mm...
  14. W

    Rename documents driven by excel

    Here's something I've always thought should be possible but never been able to do..... Is there a way of renaming a set of sequentially named files into another sequentially named format using excel or VBA or a combination? My example is a batch of photograps names as, DSC0001, DSC0002...
  15. C

    Rename multiple files in a folder macro

    I have 400ish departmental budget files in a folder that I need to upload to a Sharepoint doc library. The files in the folder will have to exactly match the files we already have set up in sharepoint in order to upload them to the sharepoint site. As it stands now there is only one...

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