rename new sheet vba

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    Excel VBA Copy new worksheets, and rename them following a specific worksheet

    I have been using the following code to make 12 copies of a master worksheet in the same workbook and rename the worksheets. The problem is it starts renaming at the beginning of the work workbook. I need it to start renaming the tabs after the master, in this case titled "EOY". Sub...
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    Trouble Looping through list to generate individual timecards

    Hello! I'm trying to generate individual timecards for people based on data entered into a data range for a single week. I have a timecard worksheet that is filled with values from data on another sheet. I want to be able to create a copy of each persons' timecard and put them all into a new...
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    Copy,Paste & rename new worksheet to end of workbook

    Hello, I have just written my first macro and I was wondering if i could get a little help. It's pretty messy and for sure not as efficient as possible but for the most part it does the trick. I recorded most of it and then modified it using helpful threads I found on this website. However, i...

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