rename sheets

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    Rename sheets based on the initial number of Characters

    Hi, I've been searching for a Macro that enables me to rename various sheets in my workbook based on the initial few Characters and rename them to specific names. for example the sheets have the following names: BBBO000102_abcd017_CancelledTrades2018-04-12-05-18-54...
  2. D

    VBA not working after sheet name changed

    I had my macro working and then I change the sheet names and now I am getting a Run-time error '9'. I have tried many option to fix it and no luck. I hope some one can help me with his issue. Here is my macro: Sub copycolums() Dim lastrow As Long, erow As Long lastrow =...
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    Move sheet with new name to another (closed) workbook.

    Hi forum, it seems easy enough...NOT. With the following code I intend to -move a sheet to another workbook, -rename it (actually, with a name consisting of cells "A9" and "_" and "H8" of said sheet) -place the sheet at the beginning of the workbook it was moved to, -and continue with the...
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    VBA newbie - need help with code to delete certain cells, rename sheets and ignore master sheet

    Hi there, thanks for reading - I'm a total newbie to VBA so this is a steep learning curve for me. I am working on a file for person identifiable information to be collected, but the file needs code to anonymise the information before it can be returned to me. Essentially I have a "Master" sheet...
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    Renaming multiple existing sheets

    I am a teacher who has created a gradebook in Excel. Each class has a student template sheet, individual sheets for each student in the class (maximum 26 students/class) which has the structure of the template and some cell referencing to the template, and a couple of mark-entry sheets and a...
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    Macro to rename each excel sheet, and save each sheet separately

    I consider myself to be proficient with Excel, and I've taught myself a little about Macros but there one I am having no luck on. My Scenario: I have an excel file with a lot of sheets, lets say 30. The sheets are named "First Last" (as in first name space last name). I open the file, use a...
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    Go back to copy newly-added worksheet named as a cell to copy another range in the same macro

    Hello. I am trying to copy two parts of a table, one section just having values and the other having formulas, to a new worksheet with the new worksheet taking on the name of the contents of cell A2. Cell A2 has the name of the the data set results of a drop-down result set run by a filter...
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    rename sheets

    Hello again, I'm using WinXP and Excel 2007 I've read many pages of the 'rename sheets' search results and have a macro that will rename sheets based on a list. But it always starts with the 1st sheet in the workbook, regardless of where the sheet with the list is located in the workbook. How...

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