1. J

    Return Lookup based on range cell

    Hi all. I'm renting out construction tools and have my margin at different rates depending on the number of rental days. This is what my days-margin cells look like: <tbody> D E Days Margin 1 1.4 2 1.3 3-7 1.2 8-14 1.15 </tbody> If I have A3 titled "Number of Days", B3 shows the...
  2. C

    Guidance On what are the recommend method or how to display Graph with 2D Table

    Hi all to paint the context i not here to seek for answers but for guidance: Below is the following question. <colgroup><col span="7"></colgroup><tbody> The Popular rental car companies in town are Goldee and Supreme. Goldee charges $195.99 per day plus $0.85 per kilometer, and...
  3. V

    IF AND OR Formula

    I have a table with columns for YEAR, CATEGORY (food, beverage, rental, misc, av, service charge), STATUS (actual, forecast, OTB), RMNOTB (a #) and REVENUE $. I also have a named range for BUDGET YEAR (budget_year). I need a formula to add the revenue amounts then divide by # of RMN OTB IF...
  4. Z


    Add numbers up in column C that don't have the word (equp rental) name in column D. I was thinking =sumif <> equp rental, DD I don't know
  5. N

    Dress Rental System

    Hello Everyone, I hope all are fine, I will begin a new business "Women Dress Rental" and trying to make an excel project to manage my business but I don't have all the details I need. Please let me know if you have any similar projects or rental system or if you know any website that helps...
  6. C

    NPV with a stepped rental

    Hi I'm trying to work out the NPV of a simple repayment profile that has a stepped rental i.e X months at $100 followed by Y months at $1000 I can do this by creating lists but I want to develop a calculator where I can solve the NPV by having X & Y as variable numbers. I have other tools I...
  7. T

    VBA - copying column data from one workbook to the other and pasting in the last cell of a column in the new workbook

    Hi, I'm trying to copy column of cells from on column from one workbook to another column on another workbook and paste it in the last blank cell of that column in the new workbook, below, all the data should be pasting in the last cell of each column, most are pasting correctly but some are...
  8. A

    Countif Statement Showing Incorrect Value

    With ws_data .Range("J:J").Clear For t = 2 To nwb_LastRow rn_1 = .Cells(t, 3) temp_fac = .Range("H" & t) & .Range("I" & t) If Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(ws_rd.Range("A:A"), rn_1) = 0 Then...
  9. K

    Calculating cumulative payments with regular increases

    If I had rental income from a house, payment x, and the rent increased y% annually over z years, how can I calculate the cumulative rental income in one formula? As an example, if the rent was 1000, and annual increases were 3%, I would use: Cumulative rental income = (1000 * 1+0.03^0) + (1000...
  10. A

    Textbox Default Value Not displaying During Userform Initialization; Selection Highlighting

    With the code below, I am trying to highlight a default value of 000000 in a textbox (textbox1) in my userform. This will allow the user to overwrite the default entry without having to first select it. With TextBox1 'rental number 'cb_mri.Visible = False...
  11. T

    VBA - filter column with multiple workbooks open

    I have three workbooks open, I've completed my tasks on the first workbook (Adjustment Report) and now I'm ready to complete my tasks on the second workbook (New Rental Contract). I want to activate the new rental contract report and put a filter on column O to filter for Takeover, the coding...
  12. P

    Count of Unique Rows Using Multiple Criteria Ignoring Blanks in Data

    From the following example data set I would like to count the number of rows where "Company A" and the word "Completed" appear but not counting duplicate values in the first column and ignoring the blanks that might appear in the first column. It is ignoring the blanks I am having difficulties...
  13. D

    Calendar to track customer loaner vehicles

    I am trying to develop a macro in VBA to manage loaner vehicles for an automotive service department (see sample below). This is what I have put together so far, obviously it doesn't work: Sub Duplicate_Entries_Based_on_Return_Date() Dim lastrow As Long 'Find the Last Row...
  14. M

    Excel help

    Apt owners would like to be able to search thru apt numbers and return the price of apt. Listed. I need help creating a nested lookup function in cell E3. Look up rental price in column D using the apt unit number in cell B3.what would this formula look like?
  15. T

    using an excel formula in an access table

    I am very new to access and trying to build some calculated fields in an access table (MS Access 2016). I have the following formula in my excel table to calculate monthly rental for equipment/materials. I also have a formula that pro rates days in the month if the materials/equipment is...
  16. C

    Date Series Grouped into Monthly Totals?

    Hi Excel Wizards, I am working on a spreadsheet to automate some accounting and metrics functions for a rental property. I have a sheet that I want to populate titled "Income and Taxes" that will aggregate those sums from another sheet titled "Payments". The "Payments" sheet is manually updated...
  17. S

    Rental: Months, Weeks, Days

    Hi there: I'm trying to get the correct amount of months, weeks, and days for a vacation rental (I don't have one....just trying figure out how to do it). I'm using the following formula, with B being start date and C being end date. The formula almost works except it's short a day, as in not...
  18. D

    VBA to Paste values if condition met

    Hi All! I'm looking for VBA code to copy and paste values in the range D37:F54 in the below example, but for only the rows that are not sub-totals (i.e. paste values for accounts that do not start with a "PL") Right now all rows have formulas in them that populate the data from somewhere else in...
  19. B

    Solver Help...

    I have hit a block in progress and am hoping someone out there might have some good ideas on how to make my idea work. Basically I am attempting to do a sensitivity analysis on my model to see the differing effects of the room counts of a hotel. The room sizes differ but are all priced based...
  20. D

    Help, in need of a formula.

    Hello, Here is my situation I'm creating a new rental spreadsheet at my workplace We rent scooters and wheelchairs. The rental fee is $50 per 24hrs. many of our renters like to keep them over the 24 hours, so I would like a way to keep track of how much is owed, past the initial rental fee. So...

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