rentals calculations

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    RE: Office Tenant - Rental Status Sheet

    RE: Office Tenant - Rental Status Sheet Hi I am looking to create a worksheet which works out how much rent is still outstanding for a particular client in an office building. The worksheet should act as a statement of account / rent ledger showing the client the dates they were invoiced,the...
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    Staggered rent calculation.

    Hi, Some friends of mine and I are staying in a villa for a set total cost £3780. But 7 people will stay for the full 3 weeks, 1 person will stay for 2 weeks, and 2 people will stay for 1.5 weeks. How do I calculate how much each person has to pay?
  3. XL Pro

    Help with formula to calculate rentals.

    I have a worksheet that reports the total number of days a piece of equipment has been on a site for a month. The breakdown works like this: 4 rental days = 1 week 12 rental days = 1 month So, if a piece of equipment is rented for 6 days, we want to calculate it as 1 week (5 days) and 1 day...

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