1. T

    Re order level

    Hi all, I've just started a new job and I've been asked to calculate a reorder level for each item below . I've spent all day trying to google what how to do this but I'm having so much brain fog and can't seem to wrap my head around how to calculate it the correct way/find a formula that...
  2. S

    Easier Array to arrange columns VBA/Macro

    Hi all! I have a code to sort columns of data based on the value in row1 of the column. Its a fairly large code and I was wondering if theres an easier version? Basically I want it to sort 1-200 in ascending value, with X values moved to the end. This macro is run using a shape/button. Thank...
  3. W

    Reorder Hidden Sheets

    I have inherited a file with 200+ hidden sheets, linked and summarized on a "Summary" tab. Every so often I need to unhide 1 or 2 sheets to review, and then re-hide. My problem is, when I right click to un-hide the list is not in numerical order. Does anyone know how to reorder this list? Thanks...
  4. C

    reorder point

    how do I send an excel email when reorder point is met
  5. R

    Excel Reordering Textbox

    Hello There are about 50 textboxes in the userform i created. Everytime time i added a new textbox, I have to re-order the textbox to textbox1, 2,3,4...and so on. I have to do it each one everytime i added a new one. Is there an easiest way to set the textboxes in reorder all at once? Thanks
  6. K

    List Names in Chronological Order With Duplicate Dates

    Hi everyone! I hope someone can help me get to the final step. Using a formula, most likely an array, I would like to reorder my list of names in chronological order (by date). I have already created columns of data that I believe would get me to the final step, but I can't seem to finalize...
  7. S

    Reorder cell contents in reverse order - YIKES!!! quick resolution required!!

    Hi all, Got a sticky situation that is stressing me out, so need expert help!! I need to change the cell contents in reverse order - kind of sorting the cell Z-A but by line. I want to reverse the cell layout so that the latest comment is at the top. ie Comment 5 followed by 4,3,2,1 (the...
  8. A

    Reorder columns by their letter (not column header)

    Is there a way to use VBA to reorganize columns by the column letter? I've looked through the forumn and found plenty of posts on how to do this by the header, but nothing by letter. example: I have a spreadsheet that goes to column GZ I only need these columns and in this order- CQ,CP, A...
  9. K

    using macro to reorder and combine

    I'd like to create a macro that will take the information from the first two columns reformat and create the third column as shown formatted. Any help would be appreciated. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 180pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=240 x:str><COLGROUP><COL...
  10. G

    I need to change "Jane S-Doe" to "S-Doe, Jane" in the same cell. Help appreciated.

    I have a bunch of names in the following format. Each name is in it's own cell All of them have {First name> S- > Last name} Example: Jane S-Doe I would like it to be: {S- > Last name, > First name} Example: S-Doe, Jane Is there a way to do this automatically with a formula or macro?
  11. A

    Reorder rows on a predefined sequence and copy to new sheet

    Hi, I need some VBA help in copying ranges from one sheet to another and pasting them on a predifined order. I have one worksheet that contains a large number of ranges with data on alphabetical order. Each entry on this sheet contains several rows of data and is identified by a name (e.g...

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