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    Required Field based on date

    Hi All, I'm trying to make a field required based on another date field on a new order form. I just had to add a new field to my database but I can't make it required for dates before 1/1/16 otherwise my forms will throw a bunch of errors when a user goes back to older records. In the VBA or...
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    Need help with a form containing radio buttons, drop downs & check boxes

    Hello Excel friends, I have a form I've created in Excel that has multiple questions. Each question either has a set of answers in the form of either a drop-down (using data validation), check-boxes where one or more options can be selected (using Developer) or radio buttons (using Developer and...
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    Conditional Required Fields In UserForm

    I have a made a userform with 8 groups of 1 Combobox and 2 Textboxes. I want to create required fields, so that if one of the input boxes within each group is filled in, the rest in that group must be filled in as well. Here is what I have coded: 'Group 1 If cmb1.Value <> "" And txt2.Value...
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    UserForm ListBox selection required

    I have a UserForm that has several entries, all must have data entered to proceed. I am able to get all of the TextBoxes to display an error if data is not entered. However, one is a ListBox and I can't figure out how to make a selection required.
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    Based on a cell value in A1, require a value in B1

    I have a spreadsheet that I send out to coworkers regarding scrapping obsolete inventory. For example, what I would like to do is to set up the spreadsheet so that based on what they choose in a list, they may or may not be required to add something in the cell next to it. Example below...
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    Userform - find first blank cell and required field

    I have a worksheet that users enter money transactions (deposits/payments) and then it keeps a running balance. It has 6 columns (A=Date, B=Activity (deposit/payment), C=Deposit, D=Payment, E=Balance (formula) and F=Name (on person making deposit/payment). I've create a user form to post...

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