1. W

    How to show different userform based on users screen resolution?

    I have a userform that is to large on screens that are 1920*1080 or below, how can I check users resolution and if it is smaller or 1920*1080 I want to display the small userform? If it is 1920*1080 or bigger I want to display the normal userform?
  2. S

    Excel Image resolution change

    Hi I have an excel file that in every row I add a picture to in one of the cells. Pictures are big and I drag them to fit in one cell then I save the file . The problem is when I open the file I want to be able to drag the picture and see the info on it but the pictures resolution has been...
  3. A

    Poor Resolution of Exported Chart

    I am using Excel VBA to copy some cells containing text (with formatting), copy them as a picture, paste the picture into a chart, export the chart as a .jpg file, and load the picture into a UserForm. This works beautifully when I use my home computer to remote desktop into my work computer...
  4. P

    if condition met on criteria in 3 columns

    Hi excel guru's just a newbie here, so I just need someone who can help me with a formula. Data is from column A to J, so what I need is like to appear a formula in J when 3 condition met. A=employee Id, start on row 3 and so forth, H= Date where employee process a case, I= marking if the...
  5. S


    Is there a way to tag a post to follow? In other words, it would nice to be able to refer back to see what the resolution to the issue was. Thanks!
  6. R

    Radar Chart - need a suggestion

    Hello everyone, I have a created multiple radar charts to monitor 7 indicators. The 7 indicators are all rated on a % scale 0-100%. To improve resolution for items above 90% (couldn't tell the difference between 98% and 100%), I changed the scale to start at 80 and go to 100%. However, now...
  7. M

    Image Resolution for Excel (High Fidelity)

    I have office 2013 and 2016. The option for 'Default Resolution' as High Fidelity does not show up for me. Any ideas how to show it? The link from...
  8. V

    2 cubic equations 2 unknowns

    Hey all, I would like to resolve this equation in VBA but without using solver tool: δ (2 - α²δ (2 - α)) / (α²δ² + 3 (α - 2αδ + δ)) = 4ξ α (2 - αδ² (2 - δ)) / (α²δ² + 3 (α - 2αδ + δ)) = 4η My unknowns are δ and α. We know ξ and η. I know it's mainly a mathematical resolution but if you know...
  9. S

    Lost spreadsheets

    The file icon is on my desktop. When I open the file, excel opens...but instead of having a spreadsheet, the screen is gray. I KNOW that the data is there, I just can't FIND it! I have expanded the workspace as much as it will grow, and given my screens the maximum resolution that I can in hopes...
  10. N

    Excel Zoom Setting and Userform Placement Setting

    Hey Everyone, I have been working on a VBA project for about the last 2 weeks, and I am confident enough in it to call it done (yay!). There is one thing, however, that is tripping me up... The macro will be run on a couple different computers around the office - which means it will be run on...
  11. S

    Mass delete cell type

    I used a formula to transfer some information into a column (postcodes). However there are many blank spaces, and I applied the formula to the entire column. This is the result: Imgur Is it possible to clear only the boxes that have issues? I'm open to any other alternatives. Thanks
  12. A

    Scale Userform and Change Color Scheme

    I'm developing an application on a Macbook air that will run mostly on PCs. I have two questions: 1. I need to write a routine which scales the UserForm for screen resolution, as most of the PC users I work with use a lower screen resolution than what I use on my Mac. I've seen sample code...
  13. S

    Excel ActiveX Listbox and Combobox control/font size changes automatically with screen resolution change

    I'm at my wits' end with this - I've searched multiple places on the web and gotten exactly 0 working suggestions, though it seems other people have run into this problem as well. I'm using Excel 2007 SP2 on Windows XP. The problem is that when I open my spreadsheet on computers with...
  14. E

    Changing Cell number format Automatically

    Hi I have a need to be able to change the number of decimal places on a cell when I change a value in another cell. For example, in cell A1, I will have a drop down box showing 0.0, 0.00, 0.000 or 0.0000. Depending on which drop down the user selects, I would like cell A2 to change its...
  15. L

    Resolution Disparity: Paste and Paste Link

    When I embed a range from Excel into a Word doc using paste special > paste link, the resolution is totally distorted regardless of the zoom level in Excel. When I simply copy and paste into the Word doc, the resolution is fine. I'm having this problem while using remote desktop to my work...
  16. T

    Poor Resolution Graphic PDF

    I include a graphical image (logo) in Excel spreadsheets and then print a PDF. Using Adobe Pro 9 or other PDF drivers I achieve less than acceptable image clarity. I've increased the image resolution and the result is a little better, but not great. Within Excel what should I be doing to...
  17. B

    Scaling for different Monitor resolutions

    Hi, I have always dealt with different monitor resolutions by detecting the current video card settings using the windows API and using the results to zoom the document in or out as appropriate. Doing it this way has always annoyed me as words start to wrap and graphics can sometimes seem...

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